King Mohammed VI Offers Condolences to Fish Sellers Family

Rabat – Morocco’s Minister of the Interior, Mohamed Hassad, and Minister Delegate, Charki Driss, offer their condolences at house of fish seller crushed inside garbage truck.The two ministers offered condolences on behalf of Morocco’s King Mohammed VI to the family of Mohsen Fikri, whose tragic death sparked outrage throughout Morocco. The visit took place Sunday while preparations for the funeral were underway.Video of the visit shows the two ministers being received by the father of the victim upon their arrival to his house. After greeting each other, the father invited the ministers inside his home. Authorities confiscated Mohsen’s merchandise and threw it into the back of a garbage truck. He was attempting to retrieve his merchandise from the truck when he was crushed.Immediately after the news of the incident broke, the Minister of Interior launched a series of investigations to determine who was responsible for the death of Mohsen.Abdelilah Benkirane, Morocco’s Head of the Government, also called the victim’s father yesterday, according to a report from the Arabic-language news source Alyaoum24.A massive social media uprising followed the tragic death of the fishmonger, and protests are scheduled today in all Morocco’s major cities, including Casablanca, Rabat, Marrakech, and Tangier. Currently, thousands of people are attending a massive funeral for Mohsen in the northern city of Hoceima.Edited by Daniel Shaffer read more