Security Council welcomes initiative to end political crisis in GuineaBissau

The United Nations Security Council has welcomed a recent inclusive dialogue, convened in Conakry, by Alpha Condé, the President of Guinea, that involved political leaders, civil society and religious communities of Guinea-Bissau as part of a regional efforts to end the political crisis in the country.In a statement issued late yesterday, the members of the Security Council “welcomed the Conakry agreement on the implementation of the ECOWAS [Economic Community of West African States] road map and invited all stakeholders to spare no effort for its full and timely implementation.”President Condé is the ECOWAS Mediator for Guinea-Bissau and the dialogue was part of a six-point ECOWAS road map, agreed by political leaders last month in its capital, Bissau, to end the political crisis in the west African country.According to the statement, Council members also expressed their support to the consensus reached on the process for the nomination of a new Prime Minister and for the formation of an inclusive Government in accordance the agreement and encouraged President José Mário Vaz of Guinea-Bissau to proceed to the nomination of the consensual Prime Minister as soon as possible.The members further emphasized that the implementation of the agreement could restore the confidence of partners and enable the international community to fulfil the pledges made during the Brussels Conference in March 2015 of the partners for development of Guinea-Bissau. read more