Manufacturer Signs Lease To Assemble Aircraft At Jamestown Airport

first_imgImage by the Luscombe Aircraft Corporation / – Chautauqua County Executive PJ Wendel has signed a long-term lease agreement with principals of Luscombe Aircraft Corporation to establish an aircraft production and sales business in a County-owned hangar at the County’s Jamestown Airport.  Wendel says the new enterprise will create new manufacturing jobs and generate lease revenue to offset airport operating costs.“While the current public health crisis has dramatically curtailed the level of aircraft activity at the airports, we are actively planning for a rebound in private and business aviation activity once travel and related restrictions are lifted,” said Wendel. “Similarly, the County remains fully engaged with Boutique Airlines in a broad-based, community support campaign to restore commercial air service at the Jamestown Airport.”Luscombe Aircraft Corporation will be relocating their fledgling operations from Chino, California to Chautauqua County over the next several months. Concurrently, they will be undertaking improvements to the County’s leased hangar to equip the facility with utility infrastructure and building systems necessary to begin full scale aircraft production in the summer of 2020.Luscombe’s production relocation and start-up in Chautauqua County is being actively supported by the County of Chautauqua Industrial Development Agency (CCIDA), The Fredonia Technology Incubator at the State University of New York at Fredonia, and the Chautauqua County Department of Public Facilities’ Airports Division.Luscombe Aircraft Corporation was formed for the purpose of acquiring licenses, designs and other assets to produce modernized variants of the Luscombe Model 8, a venerable single-engine aircraft that went out of production in the early 1970s.Having acquired the FAA type certificates, tooling, new-old stock (NOS) parts and associated assets from the holding company that held the rights to the aircraft design, Luscombe set about identifying a site suitable for assembly, testing and marketing of its modernized designs.The CCIDA monitored the efforts of Luscombe principals as they worked to amass the resources and necessary licenses to produce aircraft.As Luscombe’s business aspirations developed into well-defined plans, CCIDA engaged company principals in market research, analysis of suitable regional supply chain partners, and ultimately steered company representatives to the County’s Jamestown Airport where alignment between Luscombe’s needs and the County’s available hangar resources were realized.Among the many factors cited by Luscombe’s management team in selecting Chautauqua County for its aircraft production facility is the workforce development resources nurtured through Jamestown Community College and SUNY Fredonia and a local manufacturing base with recognized skilled engineers and tradesmen.The establishment of an aircraft production facility at the Jamestown Airport follows closely on the heels of other business development at the County’s airports.In February, Centric Aviation took over operation of all core flight-line services at both the Jamestown and Dunkirk airports under separate lease-operating agreements signed with the County.Under those agreements, the county receives a fixed monthly rental fee as well as a percentage of gross revenues generated from fuel sales, aircraft de-icing and other services. Share:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window),If the County has leased out the airport’s and the hanger at Jamestown….where do the federal funds go that were passed as part of the CARE act? Seems odd that this is occurring all on the heels of government funds coming this way!last_img read more

Ralph Joerger

first_imgRalph Joerger, 81 years old, passed away Wednesday evening, May 29, 2019. Ralph was a lifelong resident of Yorkville, IN and could often be found at his favorite place, his farm. If given a choice, Ralph would be riding his tractor or farming. He raised beef cattle, hay, corn, beans and whatever else suited his fancy at the time. In between farming, he worked for Schenley’s Distillery for 30 years until they closed their doors. Another of Ralph’s favorite past times was spending time with his grandchildren. He loved to give them tractor rides and show them the cows. If Ralph was able to sneak in a snack, he would choose vanilla ice cream, especially when he could add fresh summer strawberries to the mix.Ralph will be greatly missed by his wife, Phyllis, of 34 years. He also leaves behind his brother Lawrence (Marilyn) Joerger of Yorkville, and Alice (Jerry) Lamping of Oldenburg. Ralph will be missed by his step children Allan (Heidi) Thompson of Milan and Jennifer (Jim) Hunger of Scottsburg, IN and his grandchildren Nathan & Hanna Thompson, Anthony, Katie and Bryant Hunger and great grandchildren Caroline and Brooklyn Hunger.Visitation will be held at Andres-Wuestefeld Funeral Home on Sunday, June 2 from 4:00 – 7:00 pm. Rosary will begin at 4:00. Mass of Christian Burial will be held at All Saints Parish, St. Martin’s Campus Monday, June 3 at 10:00 am followed immediately by burial. Memorials can be made to St. Martin’s Cemetery Fund, St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital or Masses. Please visit to sign the online guest book or leave condolences.last_img read more

Daniels: After disastrous start, UW back to old ways

first_imgIt wasn’t long ago, on Nov. 27 to be exact, that I wrote a column concerning the dire situation that was Wisconsin men’s hockey.At the end of the first half of the season and heading into final exams here at the University of Wisconsin, the team sat at a disappointing 3-7-3 after starting the season with big expectations and a No. 15 ranking to boot. Fans began to wonder what had become of their perennial title-contender, while I wrote about the lingering effects a poor season could have on the long-term success of the program.Fast forward nearly two months and the situation could not be more different.UW has clawed its way back into the rankings at No. 19 and head into their series this weekend at North Dakota on a 10-game unbeaten streak in WCHA play. More importantly, they sit just four points back from first place in the WCHA.So what changed?To be frank, the Badgers have not faced the most difficult of schedules in that time frame. Since Dec. 13, UW has faced only two ranked opponents in No. 11 Minnesota State and No. 8 Miami, while beating up on WCHA cellar-dweller Alaska-Anchorage (1-15-4 in WCHA play) for four of those victories in that span.But there is another reason for Wisconsin’s season turnaround too, and it is an answer a modest coach would tend to avoid using: the players have all been healthy and eligible to play.While Eaves never made it an excuse, trying to compete in the cutthroat WCHA with two key absences at the same time early this season in Mark Zengerle – the nation’s returning leading scorer in 2011-12 with 50 points – and heavily-hyped freshman Nic Kerdiles was no easy task.After years of consistent success, it is certainly understandable fans began to think of the UW hockey program as infallible. Winning was the norm. So it seemed almost destined the next guys in line would be able to keep things going as if Zengerle and Kerdiles had never been missing at all.But after it became clear that Kerdiles would be forced to sit out the first 10 games after what the NCAA called a violation of the “code of amateurism” and Zengerle would miss six games after being diagnosed with a broken index finger, that quickly became impossible. Unfortunately, as much as coaches hate to admit it – taking it almost as a personal insult to their ability to adjust to what the season gives them as they aim to build a successful team – some players just can’t be replaced no matter how hard you try.Zengerle is one of those players.Almost more important than Zengerle’s goal tally for the team over his time at UW is the 5-foot-11 center’s ability to make his whole team better around him.So far this season, Zengerle has nine assists despite missing six games this season. In both his freshman and sophomore campaigns, he finished with 31 and 37 assists, respectively – a mark that puts him in an exclusive club with Badger greats Theran Welsh, Mark Johnson and Chris Chelios as the only ones to earn at least 30 assists in their first two seasons.While assists certainly add to Zengerle’s individual points total, more importantly they mean one of his teammates will be credited with a goal – something that came few and far between at times for the Badgers earlier this season, especially in his absence.Combine his output with three goals and seven assists from Kerdiles and it becomes clear without those two on the ice, Wisconsin was short two of its top five assist producers this season – the engine room of any successful team.And so it was only fitting Friday night, as the team sought to finally break their power play drought extending all the way back to Dec. 13 against Alabama-Huntsville, a Zengerle pass would make the difference in helping set up a goal from junior forward Michael Mersch on the team’s first power play chance of the night. Even more telling is the fact Kerdiles or Zengerle scored or had a hand in all but one of UW’s five goals that night.With both players now healthy, fit and firing on all cylinders since their returns to the lineup last month, the Badgers look like a team to be reckoned with moving forward – as long as Zengerle and Kerdiles are on the ice, that is.Nick is a junior majoring in journalism and political science. Think that the Wisconsin hockey team has something else to thank for it’s dramatic turnaround this season?  Send him an email at [email protected] or tweet him @npdaniels31.last_img read more

Natural Selection: The Ghost Idol of Biology

first_img(Visited 395 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0 A spirit that works in mysterious ways. Biologists cannot nail it down, but insist it can turn bacteria into biologists.You could give Natural Selection (NS) a different name, and it would be as useless for explaining nature as NumbSkull, the spirit that explains everything according to a mythical caveman community. NumbSkull make mammoth come. NumbSkull make sky rain. NumbSkull make fire hot. Like NumbSkull, natural selection—or selection for short—is the default explanation for every observation. This ghostly spirit with mystical powers, able to take an RNA molecule and evolve it into a biochemist, works miracles, given millions of years. Don’t believe it? Incensed at this assault on a powerful scientific consensus? Shocked at blasphemy against the great Darwin? Let facts be submitted to a candid world.(Note: read previous entry posted 10 Jan 2019 about “Clarifying the Claim” and “What to Look For” in scientific explanations using the idea of natural selection. In the following examples, you will find lots of bluff and bluster written in the dialect of Jargonwocky, but nothing of substance. In some cases, you will see failed predictions of NS: surprising results that contradicted expectations.)Natural selection in the womb can explain health problems in adulthood (Medical Xpress). This article shows that the PhD’s at Columbia University don’t even understand their own theory. NS has nothing to do with childbirth. There’s no innovation, no origin of species here. They’re talking about inheritance of cells that survive embryonic development within the human species! “Rather than being programmed by the environment, random differences in gene expression may provide some embryos with a survival advantage, in particular when conditions are harsh.” Oh good grief. Conditions are always harsh, especially for Mom, but each one pops out as Homo sapiens sapiens.How do complex animal signals evolve? (PLoS Biology). Author Chad M. Eliason uses “selection” 20 times. He argues about whether traits evolve more by natural selection or by sexual selection (Darwin’s 1872 hypothesis for traits that cannot be explained by natural selection). This provides him with endless forms most beautiful for storytelling: when NumbSkull’s explanations fail, bring in his consort SexySkull. Scanning the paper for instances of selection, one finds Eliason embroiled in the scientific controversies about how these pseudo-forces work and interact. Can any reader find anything that is solid, demonstrable, or measurable here? No; it’s all guesswork. For instance, after admitting how complex animal adornments are, he shows that selection can explain opposite things:signal traits are a classic system for studying how sexual selection works because of the increased strength and constancy of sexual selection compared to natural selection [6] and the greater potential for rapid trait divergence if traits and preferences are genetically linked [7]. The idea that sexual selection drives signal diversity, as first emphasized by West-Eberhard [7], has been an important yet controversial idea in biology. For example, Seddon and colleagues [8] showed that sexual selection promotes trait divergence during speciation, while recent theoretical work [9] suggests that sexual selection might instead limit signal divergence in some contexts. This disagreement might arise, in part, from our lack of understanding of how signals are produced or whether and how signals are evolving under natural and/or sexual selection. A third explanation for disagreement over the role of social selection in driving signal diversity might be our lack of understanding of the interrelationships between different aspects of complex signals.Which, being translated, says, ‘It could be this, or it could be that, or it could be something else, but there is disagreement, so we have a lack of understanding.’ Thank you, O great NumbSkull, for the wisdom you bestow on us clueless evolutionists.Darwin’s finches choose parent lookalikes as mates (Nature). Here we go with Darwin’s finches again. Spurgin and Chapman say,A preference for mating with similar individuals can have a key role in speciation. Research on Darwin’s finches suggests that individuals might use the likeness of their parents as a guide for choosing mates.But if that is true, based on recent work by the Grants who have wasted their careers looking for evidence to support Darwin’s theory in finch beaks, then the behavior of mate choice is opposite the mythical forces of natural or sexual selection. Birds who mate with birds that look like their parents are not going to evolve; they are going to stay the same. There’s no speciation or innovation here. “Sexual imprinting” would bring evolution to a standstill. The authors revert to futureware to keep their dream alive: “Disentangling the roles of inherited and learnt mate preferences, and their consequences for speciation, is a key challenge for the future.” All that work for nothing? Peter and Rosemary Grant could still rescue their careers by explaining birds with intelligent design. That’s a lot more useful and interesting than tiny millimeter changes in beak size within subspecies that can still interbreed or hybridize.Limits of long-term selection against Neandertal introgression (PNAS). Archaic DNA expert Svante Pääbo and friends use the word selection a whopping 51 times in this paper. Does it help? Well, sort of. It helps undermine selection by showing that NumbSkull keeps NS from working! (Remember: purifying selection and negative selection, if they do anything at all, preserve or destroy genetic information: they do not lead to innovation or speciation.) Browse all 51 instances; there is no innovation, no positive selection, no speciation. The authors don’t come to any trustworthy facts to make a case for selection, that ghost of a mysterious agent behind evolution.Together, these demonstrate that the actions of selection against Neandertal sequence are not fully captured by the models presented here. Although it is beyond the scope of this work, it may be possible to leverage distributions of Neandertal ancestry in studying the action of selection in noncoding sequence. Challenges associated with such work include the uncertainty of the DFE [distribution of fitness effects] of mutations affecting noncoding sequence, and their dominance coefficients, potential epistatic effects of regulatory mutations, as well as the fact that a single deleterious mutation can affect a region falling into multiple functional categories at once.Epistatic effects and pleiotropy can undermine any potentially beneficial mutations by causing damage elsewhere, like the proverbial worker who finally gets the ends to meet, only to see it come apart in the middle. The only possible thing selection is doing is operating a tug-of-war: the spirit of negative selection trying to get Neanderthal DNA out of the human genome, fighting the spirit of purifying selection trying to keep it in. It’s all subjective, foggy, and uncertain. How is copious application of Darwin Flubber helping us understand biology?The evolution of sex determination associated with a chromosomal inversionJargonwocky (Nature Communications). Wade through the jargon of this paper if you must, but the upshot is another scenario using ‘selection’ as a magic wand. Their hypothesis suggests that “a new male-determining gene evolved in the inversion in response to selection against impaired male fertility in a hybridized population” of stickleback fish. Whoopee; more purifying selection. As usual, this hypothesis scores high on the perhapsimaybecouldness index. There’s nothing measurable, nothing certain, nothing trustworthy. There’s no innovation, positive selection, or origin of species. You could take the word ‘selection’ out of the paper completely and not lose anything of value for biology. This new hypothesis (actually “suggestion”) seems hardly better than its predecessors – and look what the authors have to say about them! We clarify thoughts in brackets.Extensive theoretical studies have proposed several hypothetical models for the evolution of sex determination systems, such as genetic drift [which is just chance!], pleiotropic benefits [for example? Pleiotropy is more likely to cause damage than benefit], sex ratio selection [circular], and sexual antagonism [the war of the sexes does not create innovation]. Most of these models emphasize the importance of natural selection on fitness differences that are directly caused by, or indirectly associated with, a novel locus [chance] as a driving force [chance is not a force!] promoting transitions in sex determination systems. Despite the extensive theoretical work, possible empirical evidence is currently available only, to our knowledge, from a case study for the sexual antagonism hypothesis [the war of the sexes as Creator?], in which novel sex determiners evolve near sexually antagonistic genes by resolving intralocus sexual conflict [what? Ghost whispering wrapped in jargon]. Accordingly, the mechanisms that lead to transitions in sex determination systems remain mostly unknown. In particular, it is of fundamental importance to understand the factors that destabilize an existing sex determination system and drive the evolution of a new system. [Destabilization is observable; evolution of a new system is the problem at issue!]After all these years of appealing to NS, now they tell us: it leaves them clueless! Natural selection theory has done nothing to bring understanding! The answer my friend, is blowing in the wind, somewhere out there in futureland.That’s about all we can take for today. This gets so tiring looking for some beef in the Darwinburger, but somebody has to do it to prove that NS theory is useless. Every paper starts sounding the same: high perhapsimaybecouldness index, speculation, storytelling, futureware, and NO concrete case of anything improving by waving Humpty Darwin’s magic wand of selection. We still haven’t heard from any supporters of natural selection as valid science. Come on. Give us your best shot. Just be prepared for some critical analysis, because we have a lot of experience in distinguishing baloney from beef.last_img read more

SA names Davis Cup team for Lithuania tie

first_img11 March 2014 South African Davis Cup Captain, John Laffnie De Jager has named his best possible side for their forthcoming tie against Lithuania at the Irene Country Club in Centurion, from 4 to 6 April. With five of his first choice players not available, including world number 18 Kevin Anderson, the South African captain had to make some tough decisions in deciding who will wear the green and gold in the important first ever tie between the two countries, with the victor set to progress to a promotion play-off and the chance to advance to Euro/Africa Group I. De Jager named his team as Rik De Voest, Dean O’Brien, Jean Andersen, Ruan Roelofse and Raven Klaasen.Captain satisfied Ruan Roelofse, who has turned out four times previously in the Davis Cup for South Africa since his first call-up in 2012 against Slovenia, declared himself “really happy” to once again be wearing the green and gold. He said his body and game felt good and he was excited about the challenge of Davis Cup. “It is always an honour representing my country. I am looking forward to playing at Irene Country Club again. It was an amazing atmosphere and setup there in February, and I’m sure it will be even better this time,” Roelofse said. The winner of the tie will play against the winner of the tie between Finland and Bosnia-Herzegovina in September for a place in Euro/Africa Group I.Tickets The team was boosted by the inclusion of veteran Davis Cup stalwart Rik De Voest, whose wife Carolyn gave birth to their first born, a baby boy, in Vancouver, Canada, only last week. De Voest had previously told De Jager that he would consider playing the tie, depending on the birth of the baby. De Voest is at home on the Irene Country Club courts, having learnt to play tennis there.Doubles star De Jager said that he was satisfied with the team selection in a statement on Tuesday. “It is a pity that Nik Scholtz is not available due to college commitments, but we are fortunate that Jean Andersen is back from injury and Dean O’Brien is also back in the team,” he said. O’Brien made his Davis Cup debut against Russia last year, but the Lithuania tie will be his first Davis Cup appearance at home. ‘An incredible experience’ “I am extremely proud and honoured to be selected to play for my country. It has always been a big deal for me to play for my South Africa and I am excited for next month’s tie. It is a welcoming bonus that it is in my home city,” Andersen said.Boostcenter_img South African doubles star Raven Klaasen, who was part of the victorious team that beat Monaco 3-2 last month at the same venue, will once again spearhead the doubles challenge. Klaasen, who reached the finals of this year’s Australian Open doubles, will be playing his tenth tie for South Africa. “It’s an honour to be chosen again to play Davis Cup for South Africa,” he stated. “I think the support we received for the last tie at Irene Country Club has really taken the Davis Cup experience to another level. “I look forward to once again doing my part to ensure a South African victory. I’m very excited about our team but have no illusions about the challenge the Lithuanians will bring. It will be a good fight,” he added.‘Really happy’ “I couldn’t have been more excited when I heard from John-Laffnie that I had been selected to play another Davis Cup tie for South Africa. Playing for my country is on the top of my list for achievements every year, and to play at home is going to be an incredible experience,” O’Brien commented. He warned that Lithuania were a strong side. “Lithuania has a very strong team. We will need to prepare well and be ready to battle. This is an important tie for us to take another step towards Group I and I am excited to help South Africa reach that goal.” Jean Andersen, who has been struggling of late with injuries, also returns to the team. He has twice previously been nominated for Davis Cup duty and made his debut for South Africa against Poland away in Poland last year. ‘A welcoming bonus’ Tickets for the tie are on sale for R40 each. They are all for unreserved seating. Parking at the Irene Country Club is available for R20 per vehicle. Advanced ticket sales can be made by calling Annette Terry at the Tennis South Africa (TSA) offices between 08:30 and 13:00 daily on (011) 442 0500 or by e- mailing requests to [email protected] TSA tickets can be collected at the TSA offices at The Wanderers Cricket Stadium and special arrangements for ticket collections at the Gauteng North Tennis Association offices in Groenkloof, Pretoria, can also be made. SAinfo reporterlast_img read more

Stunning Mesh Bow Headband Fascinator Hatinator, Beautiful facinator

first_imgLovely hat but unfortunately not the proper color.Superb required for the races. In addition withheld its shape and decoration even on a windy day fantastic get for value.In black for a buddies wedding and it was excellent. I wore it for very a few hrs. I purchased this in black for a close friends wedding and it was best. I wore it for really a handful of several hours and the headband failed to harm, it appeared particularly attractive and effectively made and i hope i have a opportunity to put on it againit comes in a see via storage box so as not to get battered and that keeps it in a superior condition.Key specs for Stunning Mesh Bow Headband Fascinator Hatinator with Feathers Races Wedding (Silver Grey):Hatinator on a hairband with feathers 28 x 20 cmsComments from buyers“A superb ‘Hatinator’, in black for a friends wedding and it was perfect. I wore it for quite a few hours , The fascinator is perfect and the colour is just right”I didn,t want a ‘big hat’ this time as the wedding was in the hotel so i felt a facinator would be perfect. This was a ideal match for my costume and really snug.In black for a buddies wedding and it was excellent. I wore it for very a few hrs. I purchased this in black for a close friends wedding and it was best. I wore it for really a handful of several hours and the headband failed to harm, it appeared particularly attractive and effectively made and i hope i have a opportunity to put on it againit comes in a see via storage box so as not to get battered and that keeps it in a superior condition.Stunning head piece, like it.Just what i wished at a fantastic price.Amazing fascinator headband. It was perfect for a wedding i attended. Went with my ? outfit genuinely well.Awesome excellent and looks substantially far more high priced than it was. Arrived a number of times forward of routine and nicely packed.Stunning acctually nicer than the image.Speedy shipping and delivery, excellent product or service.The fascinator is best and the color is just appropriate. I buy this fascinator to go with a wedding outfit, supply time was quick. The fascinator is best and the colour is just appropriate. I am so happy with this merchandise.Lovely hat but unfortunately not the proper color.Pretty ‘fascinator’ terrific colour and quality. Arrived forward of time and pretty properly packed.Completely wonderful and just what i envisioned. Very perfectly packaged way too and arrived ahead of the believed supply date as well. Charming color and fairly much is accurately how it is pictured. I won’t be able to wait around to have on this to the wedding i am attending quickly.Pretty ‘fascinator’ terrific colour and quality. Arrived forward of time and pretty properly packed.I acquired this as a shock for my spouse. It was accurately the right colour, (as for each the photo), and it established off her ‘mother of the groom’ wedding outfit correctly. It is well created and actually stunning, (a pal has borrowed it presently), and truly worth each penny. We are not expecting to be attending any other weddings just still, but i would unquestionably purchase from ci ci yet again.Pretty pretty lovely and superb service what else can i say.Superb required for the races. In addition withheld its shape and decoration even on a windy day fantastic get for value.Amazing fascinator headband. It was perfect for a wedding i attended. Went with my ? outfit genuinely well.I acquired this as a shock for my spouse. It was accurately the right colour, (as for each the photo), and it established off her ‘mother of the groom’ wedding outfit correctly. It is well created and actually stunning, (a pal has borrowed it presently), and truly worth each penny. We are not expecting to be attending any other weddings just still, but i would unquestionably purchase from ci ci yet again.Just what i wished at a fantastic price.Tremendous rapid shipping adore it thank you x.Speedy shipping and delivery, excellent product or service.last_img read more

16 days agoReal Madrid players fed-up with fitness coach Gregory Dupont

first_imgAbout the authorCarlos VolcanoShare the loveHave your say Real Madrid players fed-up with fitness coach Gregory Dupontby Carlos Volcano16 days agoSend to a friendShare the loveReal Madrid players are becoming fed-up with fitness coach Gregory Dupont.Dupont was hired this summer to replace Antonio Pintus after his decision to leave for Inter Milan. During his time with Real, Pintus was part of three Champions League winning teams.But since Dupont’s appointment, Real’s senior squad have suffered no less than 13 injuries. Dupont arrived from France’s World Cup winning squad on recommendation from Real coach Zinedine Zidane. However, his methods are drawing complaints from the players.That’s according to Okdiario’s chief pundit Eduardo Inda, when speaking on El Chiringuito.”The players are unhappy with Dupont and miss Pintus,” he stated. last_img read more

New Hybrid Ferry Drives Scandlines Volumes Up

first_imgzoom German-Danish ferry operator Scandlines has seen an increase in the number of transported vehicles during the high season in 2016 following the delivery of its new hybrid ferry the M/V Berlin in May.Following delivery, the new vessel, which combines traditional diesel power with battery power, was put into service on the Rostock-Gedser route.Featuring a space for 460 cars or lorries and capable of accommodating 1,300 passengers, M/V Berlin broke its record numerous times in July and August, according to Scandlines.In June alone, the ferry transported 39,451 cars, while it carried its highest number of cars on one crossing at the end of August when it transported 351 cars.“Now with the high season coming to an end Scandlines can look back at a great season with good volumes in all areas,” Scandlines said.Later this year, M/V Berlin’s sister ship, the M/V Copenhagen, will be put into service on the Rostock-Gedser route.The two new hybrid ferries will then be able to transport up to 2,600 passengers, 920 cars, 192 lorries between Rostock and Gedser, doubling Scandlines’ current capacity on the route.last_img read more