Watch 6 minutes of uninterrupted Watch Dogs gameplay

first_imgEdited game trailers and gameplay previews never give a true picture of how a game actually plays. They are typically setup to show the best bits and the game in a very good light. So anyone watching the development of Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs with interest will be glad to see an uninterrupted section of gameplay making its way on to YouTube.The video is taken from a longer preview Ubisoft offered some outlets last week and comes across as a GTA-like game, but with a heavy focus on technology. That’s no bad thing. Gun battles and car chases are present, but there seems to be more focus on stealthy takedowns, good use of the environment for moving around unnoticed, and of course, using technology for hacking, spying on people, information gathering, and generally progressing through the game.We also get to see how your character, Aiden Pearce, goes about purchasing goods including the technology and weapons he needs. There’s also the option to steal rather than buy goods, which is sure to have implications in the game as to how people react to you and your ongoing access to different types of store.So what we have here is a thinking man’s GTA. The visuals look stunning, but then they should as the test PC rig was setup to offer the same visuals as a PS4. The gameplay seems to cover the full spectrum of stealth gameplay right through to gun battles and car chases. Overall it makes Watch Dogs look very promising and certainly one to keep an eye on in the run up to its launch.The only negative is how long we have to wait for the game, with it not set to be released until November 19. Lets hope it doesn’t get lost in the marketing buzz surrounding the launch of the PS4 and next Xbox.Now read: Assassin’s Creed 4 launch date revealed through URL trickerylast_img read more