Pokemon Go Evolves This Summer With New Gyms Raid Battles

first_img Truly, we all live in a Pokemon world. Two new Pokemon games are coming to the 3DS this fall along with the fighting game spin-off Pokken Tournament on Nintendo Switch. A true Pokemon RPG for Switch is on the horizon, and mobile game Magikarp Jump is the Game of the Year. But in terms of sheer impact and financial success, the modern Pokemon game to beat is probably still the augmented-reality phenomenon Pokemon Go.While the game will most likely never be as ubiquitous as it was during its debut last summer, the developers at Niantic are certainly trying to give players good reasons to return. This summer Pokemon Go evolves with new gyms and raid battle systems.I’d argue that Pokemon Go’s initial shallowness (along with its focus on first generation Pokemon) is actually what allowed it to be such a mainstream hit. However, Pokemon fans have been asking for deeper gameplay mechanics from the game for a while now, and this upcoming update should push the game in that direction.Soon, you will only be able to put six Pokemon in a real-world gym, and each must be a different species of Pokemon. But you can determine the order in which challengers battle your monsters. Like PokeStops, gyms will also now provide items as well as unique badges. As Pokemon in a gym lose battles their Combat Points (CP) decrease due to the new “motivation” stat. Teammates can feed friendly monsters berries to raise motivation but once the meter runs out the Pokemon abandons the gym and returns to its trainer.Raid battles, meanwhile, are limited-time co-op events. Once triggered, players can team up with up to 19 other friends or strangers nearby to battle one powerful Pokemon before time runs out, like the fight against Mewtwo in Times Square(?) in the original Pokemon Go trailer. Win and you can use special Premiere Balls to try and catch the raid boss. Sounds like a great way to introduce more legendary Pokemon into the game (as well as make more real-world deals by turning the local Applebee’s or whatever into a “sponsored gym”). Other prizes include special berries and candies and TMs for easier catching and nurturing and teaching Pokemon better moves.To prepare for the update, Niantic is shutting down existing gyms. But they’ll soon return in the all-new, all-different Pokemon Go. In the meantime, improve your trainer skills with our Pokemon Go strategy guide.Let us know how we’re doing Battle Team Rocket in New ‘Pokemon Go’ Update‘Pokemon Sleep’ Puts Pocket Monsters in Your Dreams Stay on targetlast_img read more