Former Obama Press Secretary in talks with Facebook for new gig

first_imgThere’s few jobs on Earth that are as pressure-filled as that of a sitting president’s press secretary. If there’s a political flare up or a controversy, it’s you in front of the cameras, trying to spin the story and placate the voters. Your job is to take the heat for decisions you didn’t even help make, and it takes a cool head to be successful at that kind of job.Robert Gibbs is just such a cool head. Under President Obama, Gibbs spent two years standing behind the podium as the White House Press Secretary, answering some questions, deflecting others and all around trying to defuse the situation before the press could get in a tizzy about the latest controversy.Back in February, Gibbs left his job as the White House Press Secretary, saying that he was pursuing jobs in the private sector. Now rumor has it that he might be close to securing one, but not with a think tank or lobbying group. Instead, it’s being reported that Facebook, the largest social network on Earth, may very well be interested in hiring Gibbs to handle their PR.If you think about it, it makes perfect sense: there are few tech companies that court as much controversy as Facebook, which has been very laissez-faire when it comes to matters of users’ privacy, and whose world famous CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, often comes across as alien and uncaring. Facebook could use a charismatic public face to help defuse the latest privacy debacle or front page design change controversy. One thing’s for sure: Facebook can afford to pay presidential money for Gibbs’ services, and it’s rumored they are offering him a huge salary, coupled with stock options right before the company’s initial public offering goes live early next year.Both Gibbs and Facebook have not commented on the rumor.Read more at New York Timeslast_img read more