Sharks return to Winnipeg with villains in tow

first_imgWINNIPEG, Manitoba — Evander Kane isn’t expecting Justin Braun, Tomas Hertl and Tim Heed to receive the full Winnipeg treatment Tuesday night. The local fan base will be zeroing in on a bigger villain.The Sharks are in town to play the Jets for the first time since January 2018 when videotape surfaced showing Braun, Hertl and Heed tape criticizing Winnipeg for being “cold” and “dark” and technologically primitive. It also will be the first visit in a Sharks uniform for Kane, who is public …last_img

Bell set for Bellator 220

first_imgHumboldt County’s own Cass Bell will enter the octagon for the third time as a professional on Saturday when he takes on Peter Ishiguro during the preliminary card event of Bellator 220 at San Jose’s SAP Center. Bell, seen training against fellow Institute of Combat fighter Tyson Miller in the photo above, has a professional record of 2-0-0 with wins over Ty Costa and Khai Wu. His opponent tonight, Ishiguro, is 1-0-0 with a win over over Matt Hampton. The two will fight at the catchweight …last_img

Reasons for Thanksgiving in Your Body Cells

first_imgHere are things you probably didn’t know about your body. Now that you know, you’ll have more reasons to be thankful tomorrow.Thursday is Thanksgiving Day in America. Thanksgiving, however, is a good attitude for every human being to have every day. Of all people who have ever lived, we in 2016 are blessed to know the most about invisible processes that keep us alive.Scavenger cells repair muscle fibers: New findings give insight into the cell membrane repair process of torn muscle fibers (Science Daily): If you plan to enjoy a little basketball, baseball or football before dinner, be thankful that you have tiny scavenger cells that go around repairing microruptures in your muscle cells. First, the cells create a patch, like a bandage, to keep the injured muscle cell from dying. Then the surgeons come. Researchers studied this process and observed “scavenger cells moving around within the muscle virtually perform nano-surgery to remove this repair patch later and restore the normal cell membrane structure.”Cell extrusion mechanisms: Making sure to expel an unwanted cell (Science Daily): Your body tissues and organs rely on sheets of cells called epithelium. When epithelial cells die in a process called apoptosis (programmed cell death), they need to be extruded and replaced. French researchers looked into this process, and found it more complex than earlier believed. The body monitors the density of the sheets to make sure they are neither too loose nor too tightly packed. (This could be important when the stomach expands during a Thanksgiving feast.)This study revealed, for the first time, that two distinct mechanisms exist to expel apoptotic cells from epithelial cell sheets. Selection between cell extrusion mechanisms is defined by cell density — cell crawling and lamellipodia extension is the predominant mechanism at low density, but purse-string contraction is favoured at high density. The existence of these complementary mechanisms could be important for ensuring the removal of unnecessary cells (e.g. apoptotic cells) in different circumstances to maintain the integrity of the epithelial cell sheet.Sensor for blood flow discovered in blood vessels (Science Daily): We all know about the importance of blood pressure. Our blood vessels are constantly subjected to changes in pressure as the heart beats and vessels expand or constrict. How does the healthy body maintain the right pressure? “Scientists have been looking for a measurement sensor for many years that enables the translation of mechanical stimuli into a molecular response, which then regulates the tension in blood vessels,” this article says. Now, researchers at Max Planck Institute think they have found it. It’s an ion channel named PIEZO1. “PIEZO1 is activated by the mechanical stimulus” from high blood pressure, the article says. “It causes calcium cations to flow through the channel into the endothelial cells and thereby trigger a chain reaction.” Part of the reaction involves release of nitric oxide which expands the vessels, relieving the pressure. Mice with defective PIEZO1 channels had permanent high blood pressure.New quality control revealed in immune T cell development (Science Daily): Did you know that your body has a multitude of “quality control” processes? One of them is reported in this article about your immune cells. Before your thymus allows a T cell into the blood cell, it has to pass a fitness test. Like the few, the proud, the Marines, “Only a small proportion of the T cells that begin their development ‘graduate’ and are allowed out of the thymus, into the bloodstream — the rest do not survive.” Semper fi.Molecular ‘pillars’ team up to protect liver from toxic fat buildup (Science Daily): Many of us will regret the extra pounds put on the day after Thanksgiving, but our livers must be protected from excess fat. Two molecules work in tandem to prevent excess fat in the liver. Take away both, and “the results are catastrophic.” Scientists found something interesting; “The two molecules are back-up systems for each other, rather than a balance, as the team previously thought.” So if you can pat your belly safely after eating, be thankful you survived another potential catastrophe.Discovering what keeps cellular cargo on track (Science Daily): Having some salad with your dinner? Be glad plant cells have well-equipped transportation systems. If you play Minecraft on the holiday weekend, you’ll appreciate this quote:“Healthy cells operate as smoothly as the best Minecraft city imaginable,” said Federica Brandizzi, MSU Foundation Professor of plant biology. “The miniature cities are fully equipped with all of the facilities, or organelles, that are necessary for a smooth-running operation.“Administration center, factories and even recycling centers are all there, running at 100-percent efficiency. In contrast to the infrastructures and city buildings in cells, however, the organelles, are not built on static foundations. They are huge, mobile cellular cargos that travel rapidly to reach resources and deliver products. When organelles go off the rails and mobility is disrupted, bad things happen.This is describing your own cells, too. But the article focuses on plant cells, particularly on a newly-found protein SYP73. As the protein factory called endoplasmic reticulum moves around on molecular tracks, this protein “keeps cellular cargo on track, quite literally.” Did you know that about the lettuce leaf you’re munching?We all have extraordinarily many reasons to be thankful. Not only is gratitude good for your own health (11/22/12), your Maker deserves it (11/27/14). These articles above provide just meager glimpses at thousands upon thousands of automated processes going on in your body that allow you to taste, smell, and enjoy good food. What goes on afterward to take that food and build your muscles, bones and organs is absolutely mind-boggling! All these things were woven together in your mother’s womb before you were even born (Psalm 139:13-18), as you developed from a single cell. Don’t neglect to offer the sacrifice of praise to your Creator, and then share what you have with others, which is pleasing to God (Hebrews 13:15-16).This entry is a good spot to take a break for the Thanksgiving holiday. CEH will be back Sunday or Monday, or earlier if a big story breaks before then. Happy Thanksgiving! (Visited 61 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

5 Emerging Technologies That Can Help Increase Sales Conversions

first_imgDr. Vinati Kamani writes about emerging technology and its applications across industries for Arkenea. She is an avid reader and self-proclaimed bibliophile. When Dr. Kamani isn’t at her desk penning articles or reading up on recent trends, she can be found traveling to remote places and soaking up different cultural experiences. Follow the Puck AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Technology is revamping the sales process by aiding your sales team in generating more leads, fueling more effective sales conversion tactics, and getting prospects to convert. Salespeople can leverage technology to improve their visibility and generate more leads, establish long-term relationships with prospects and customers, build a killer sales pipeline, enhance responsiveness, and ultimately move toward optimizing the nurturing and conversion of leads.Although sales is a relationship-driven endeavor, tech can be used to strengthen those relationships. It can also keep a company top of mind and enable salespeople and prospects to learn more about each other, solving problems in the process.Here are five emerging technologies that can boost sales conversions and help sales professionals develop solid relationships.1. Voice search-enabled SEO for lead generationWith digital consumption trends becoming more and more mobile-oriented, voice search will soon become the norm. People are preferring voice search on mobile and smart devices over typing their queries in search engines. It’s not sufficient to have an SEO-optimized website to generate more leads; it has to be optimized for voice search as well.The business landscape is making a gradual shift toward becoming a voice-first market, and optimizing your business website to appear in voice search results is a paradigm shift from traditional lead generation. The SEO optimization of your website content is aimed at ranking among the top results. But with voice search, your content has to be designed so it’s the only result that shows up. Use of long-tail keywords that specifically address the questions that users may be asking establishes your business as the primary source of information, and it’s the key to voice search SEO.Pages with site authority, natural language, security, and upkeep regarding reviews and responses enhance your page authority online and increase your chances of ranking in voice search. This combination of factors gives you expert status, making search engines more likely to trust what you have to say.2. Cloud computing for improving collaborationsCloud technologies help sales teams improve their effectiveness and become more agile. The work flexibility, interoperability, and collaboration among the members of a sales team improve significantly when sales data is stored on cloud servers.It also opens up avenues for remote working, which allows salespeople to better utilize their time and concentrate their efforts on actually closing deals and increasing lead conversions. Data storage on cloud servers is also a cost-effective option, which improves scalability while ensuring data security. Cloud-based sales CRM software will soon become a standard practice for businesses.3. Predictive analytics for sales pipeline management and forecastingMeeting a company’s existing sales targets and forecasting projected sales and revenue is critical to an organization’s success. Predictive analytics makes use of techniques like data mining, modeling, machine learning, and artificial intelligence — as well as big data — to analyze current sales data and make reliable predictions for the future. It involves discerning patterns from the historical and transactional data already collected via a sales pipeline tool or sales CRM and using it to identify future risks and opportunities.Using technology to analyze datasets enables the sales team to become more effective at closing deals. Predictive analytics leverages algorithms, which take into account all the factors that have an impact on a customer’s purchase decision. These predictive models consider several factors while mapping historical data like the current sales pipeline, average deal size, past rep performance, and time in stage, which helps in unearthing the “buy” signals in customer behavior. The sales team can thus connect with the right prospects at the right time and pitch them a product that’s relevant to them, directly leading to an increase in sales conversions.4. Artificial intelligence in salesArtificial intelligence has the potential to be a salesperson’s new best friend, one who’s there every step of the way, from initial contact to closing the deal. AI-powered mobile apps that function on machine learning and natural language processing and comprise an artificial neural network are soon going to be a salesperson’s closest companion. Within a few years’ time, AI-based sales assistants will be used for voice-to-text data entry, saving valuable time spent crunching numbers within the CRM software and manually updating the sales pipeline.AI-powered assistants can also help a sales team make data-backed decisions and improve its business predictions. AI consultants could also play a role in building products for upselling and cross-selling by providing the sales team with relevant product recommendations.Another AI sales application that’s increasingly seeing widespread adoption is the use of chatbots. Chatbots on webpages and SaaS websites have become a common occurrence. They can collect the demographic information of an inbound lead — like name, contact number, and email ID — and help in the formulation of a personalized sales strategy for the lead captured. It can also be used to respond to the website’s FAQs, thus saving valuable time.5. AutomationA salesperson’s effectiveness is equivalent to the time he or she spends doing actual selling. Sales automation saves time spent on repetitive tasks, letting the sales team focus solely on selling and closing deals more effectively.Sales CRM software has the functionality to automate and schedule follow-up emails to prospects and leads over time. The message can be personalized to suit individual needs and ensure effective follow-ups. When sending emails, you can also utilize templates to cut down on decision-making — no need to type out repetitive messages or copy and paste the same dialogue over and over.It’s not just emails that can be automated. Voicemail automation software can actively send out voicemails to prospects and clients, saving the sales team crucial hours. A sales automation tool can also optimize the sales funnel for increased conversions.Leads are tracked and sorted as they enter the sales funnel. Appropriate nurture campaigns and outreach programs, specific to the target group, are designed. This helps businesses formulate a better sales plan to manage leads and convert them into potential customers.Technology is truly transforming sales; we’ve come a long way from sending out handwritten letters. These emerging technologies are the driving force that can result in your sales team being able to close more deals and solve more people’s problems. Tags:#AI#chatbot#cloud computing#CRM#Data analytics#predictive analytics#sales#sales automation#voice search What it Takes to Build a Highly Secure FinTech … Vinati Kamani Related Posts Why IoT Apps are Eating Device Interfaceslast_img read more

You Are Working Part-Time

first_img Essential Reading! Get my 3rd book: Eat Their Lunch “The first ever playbook for B2B salespeople on how to win clients and customers who are already being serviced by your competition.” Buy Now A lot of people work part-time. Here is how you can tell if you are one of them.Part of the time you are at work you are working on what is important. Part of the time you are working on what is urgent. The important work should be where you spend your time and energy, but the urgent can easily crowd out the important. Problems don’t age well, and you have to deal with urgencies.But if the work you are doing isn’t important and/or urgent, then you are working part-time.If your email is open while you are working, you are working part-time. The constant and never-ending chime that informs you that someone else wants your attention isn’t your real work. There is no one who derives meaning and purpose in their life by reacting to email. If your full attention goes to your email every few minutes, you are working part-time.If your web browser is open and you are on Twitter, Facebook, or LinkedIn, you are opening yourself up to distractions, almost all of which provide no value to you, won’t help you win new clients, and invite you to chase some novelty down the rabbit hole. If you spend time here instead of your real work, you are working part-time.If you get roped into water cooler chatter about this and that, or if you get caught up in the latest gossip about that one guy who did that one thing that one time, then you have decided that your fear of missing out on a mildly amusing story should override what’s paramount. That’s what part-timers do.If your job includes the responsibility of making outbound calls and you made a total of 10 outbound calls in a day, then you are working even less than part-time.Being a part-timer isn’t about the fact that you are being paid to produce outcomes. It has nothing to do with your work hours. Focus is as important for those who work for the company as it is for those who are entrepreneurs. An entrepreneur working 70 hours might just as easily be a part-timer as someone being paid by Big Company, Inc.Time is the only thing you have that can’t ever be replaced. You decide whether you spend or invest that time. When you spend time, it is gone forever, with nothing to show for it. When you invest your time, you get a return on that investment (and the down time you use to recover is a necessary and worthwhile investment).last_img read more