first_imgMET Eireann recorded one of the highest ever temperatures at Ireland’s most northerly point yesterday – and there could be more of the same today.Temperatures peaked at Malin Head on Wednesday at an incredible 25.7C!And Met Eireann says today and tomorrow will be a repeat of the glorious weather of yesterday. No wonder the dolphins at Malin Head have had to cool off…..Enjoy the next 48 hours…there’s rain on the way for the weekend. ONE OF HOTTEST EVER DAYS AT MALIN HEAD – AND MORE OF THE SAME TODAY was last modified: July 24th, 2014 by John2Share this:Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window)Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window)Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window)Click to share on Telegram (Opens in new window)Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window)Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window)Click to print (Opens in new window) Tags:dolphinsdonegalDonegal Dailyhot weatherMalin Headsunshineweatherlast_img read more

Playing a part to give youth a future

first_img22 July 2011 Nomthandazo Radebe from Escourt in KwaZulu-Natal is helping young people gain much-needed work experience by giving them positions in her small sewing business and arranging internships at various companies. Many young South Africans fresh out of school, college or university struggle to find jobs nowadays, as most employers require candidates to have some form of experience before hiring them. “I hire those who are interested in sewing and train them to work with different fabrics and clothing design. I also hire young people who are interested in the business-side of things and get them involved with office and business administration.” Thandeka Gumede completed a diploma in computer studies and business administration in 2009, but struggled to find a job in her field and ended up working part-time at a grocery store. “I didn’t have the experience most companies needed from me before they could hire me. Working as a cashier was still not the right experience, but it helped give me an income now and again,” she said. Radebe helped Gumede get a six-month internship as an office administrator at a local business. If she performs well during her six months, the company will consider hiring her on a full-time basis. “I started working with Mam’Gumede in her sewing business. I did some bookkeeping for her and helped her with office work just to keep myself active in the work I had studied for while I searched for employment. “I confided in her about my struggle with securing a job, and she started helping me with looking for internships and training programmes. I was thrilled when I got the internship, and am grateful to her for helping me secure it.” Radebe said after helping Gumede find a job, she decided to invite other youngsters from the community to work for her so she could assist them in a similar way. “I find that some of the kids have no access to a computer, they don’t have well-structured CVs and they aren’t properly prepared for job interviews. So while they are here with me, I help them put together great CVs and motivational letters, and give them tips for interviews. “Here they have access to the internet, the phone and newspapers, which they may not be able to afford at home, and of course, they have some experience and a reference from me.”Getting a kick-start Mxolisi Chiliza completed high school in 2010 and has been looking for a job in the transport industry, but didn’t have a driver’s licence or the necessary driving experience. “Mam’Gumede offered me a chance to come and work for her and earn some money and experience. I started off by accompanying her when she went to do her deliveries, or picking up materials and other supplies. “She then helped me with funds to go to driving school and get my licence. Now I do all deliveries for her by myself. I’m learning so much about the business and am confident now that I’m working and earning a living.” Chiliza said he wants to continue working for Gumede for a while and is not anxious about seeking employment elsewhere. “Right now she doesn’t have another driver, so I’m in charge of deliveries and checking on supplies. I want to stay with her for a while to get solid experience and help her build her business, and maybe even train other young people like she does, before moving on to bigger things.” Philip Sibanyoni started working for Gumede at the beginning of July this year and said he is keen to learn and grow from the opportunity. He completed his studies in project management in 2008. “I’ve been hungry for employment for about three years now, but every company wants you to have some experience before they hire you. Mam’Gumede has helped me get on the right path towards my career.” Gumede has hired him to help with various community projects. “I’m so excited about my work. I’m full of ideas and eager to learn all there is to know. I felt like my knowledge was expiring sitting at home doing nothing. With my new job I will be on the ball, keeping up with the latest news and information. When I leave here I will have this work experience and am sure I will be hired.” Gumede said she hopes to grow her business so she can provide more opportunities for other young people. “For those who cannot do anything for me in my business, I help them secure work at schools as teaching assistants, or service support for companies. The bigger my company grows, the more people I can bring in to gain experience and prepare for the workplace.” reporter – get free high-resolution photos and professional feature articles from Brand South Africa’s media service.last_img read more

Do These Walls Need a Poly Vapor Barrier?

first_imgZane Bridgers is building a single-story house in northern New Mexico and has nearly completed the framed exterior walls. As his mind turns to air sealing, he’s considering whether to install an interior vapor barrier — and whether his uncle, a builder of 40 years, is giving him good advice on how to proceed. Walls on the slab-on-grade structure will include R-19 fiberglass cavity insulation, 5/8-inch OSB sheathing, a 2-inch layer of polyiso rigid insulation, a drainage layer and, finally, three-coat stucco. In the roof, Bridgers plans 6-mil poly under the drywall, followed by 2 inches of polyiso, R-38 fiberglass batts, a 2-inch ventilation channel, OSB sheathing and metal roofing. “This is a predominately cold and dry heating climate with big temperature swings,” Bridgers writes in a Q&A post of the Climate Zone 5 locale. “I was talking with my uncle who has been a builder here for 40 years. He was explaining the importance of dry heat for optimal performance of fiberglass insulation, hence his recommendation to put the 6 mil plastic on the ceiling … I was planning to tape the foil faced polyiso for this effect, but he thinks it’s a waste of time and effort vs. the 6 mil poly.”RELATED ARTICLESWorries About Trapping MoistureSite-Built Ventilation Baffles for RoofsCalculating the Minimum Thickness of Rigid Foam SheathingOne Air Barrier or Two?Vapor Retarders and Vapor Barriers Bridgers is equally concerned about another bit of advice he’s been given: Add a layer of poly to the walls. “This caused a bit more concern as it seems it could potentially trap moisture in the wall cavity, especially since I had planned foil-faced polyiso under the stucco, also taped,” Bridgers adds. “He suggested leaving somewhere for the moisture to go.” Bridgers has two other questions. First, is it a waste of time to seal the OSB and framing when the exterior foam and drywall seem like much easier ways of controlling air leaks? And second, with a continuous layer of rigid foam over the wall sheathing, where is the point in the assembly where condensation is likely to occur? Those concerns will get us started on this Q&A Spotlight. Water doesn’t need to escape GBA editor Martin Holladay, referring Bridgers to an article he had written on the topic previously, notes that interior moisture doesn’t really need to go anywhere. “Water doesn’t need to escape from your house,” Holladay writes. “Although it’s true that indoor air is warm and humid during the winter, while outdoor air is cold and dry, that doesn’t mean that indoor moisture needs to ‘escape’ from your house. It’s perfectly OK if the indoor moisture stays where it is without ‘escaping.’ ” Holladay explains that walls with exterior rigid foam should never have interior polyethylene, since foam-sheathed walls need to be able to dry to the interior. Either polyiso or expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation would make a good choice, and taping the seams would be time well spent. “Air sealing efforts are almost never a waste of time,” he says. “Whether or not you need redundancy (basically, multiple air barriers) depends on your airtightness target and your budget.” What about Bridgers’ concerns about condensation inside the walls? “The idea is to specify enough rigid foam on the exterior of your wall sheathing so that condensation does not occur,” Holladay says. “In your climate zone, your rigid foam needs a minimum R-value of R-7.5 if your walls are framed with 2x6s. “Skip the interior polyethylene,” he adds, “pay attention to airtightness, and everything will be fine.” What about venting the roof? If the walls are better off without the poly, should it still be used in the ceiling? Bridgers asks. There’s no code requirement for including a vapor barrier on the interior side of a vented roof assembly, Holladay replies. The most important thing is airtightness, not preventing vapor diffusion. Drywall can be an air barrier, providing Bridgers pays close attention to sealing any penetrations, particularly the electrical boxes. Bridgers sees a problem with adding foam or plastic ventilation baffles above the fiberglass in the roof because either would prevent moisture from being wicked out of the insulation. “The purpose of the vent channel is to help keep the roof sheathing dry,” Holladay says. “You are not trying to wick moisture out of the fiberglass … You aren’t trying to help indoor moisture escape. It’s OK if indoor moisture stays where it is, all winter long.” One air barrier is enough Peter Engle writes that Bridgers has three potential air barriers in the ceiling: the foil facing on the foam insulation, the poly, and the drywall. “You only need one, well detailed and airtight,” Engle says. “If you can make the drywall airtight, you can skip the poly and use any polyiso foam you want, or EPS foam. If you are worried about the drywall being airtight, you can tape the seams in the foil polyiso.” Jon R, however, suggests there’s nothing wrong with multiple air barriers. “More air barriers will generally outperform one,” he says. “If you can only have one, the best (for your climate) is the interior side.” Addressing the risk of condensation Jon R adds that the choice of exterior foam may make a difference to how well the wall performs: “With external foam, a wall that can dry a little to the exterior (say EPS) will outperform a similar wall that can’t (say same R-value of foil-faced foam).” He takes issue with the idea that a wall must be designed so that there is a zero chance of condensation taking place. “The idea is to reduce the amount of condensation to the point where it sometimes occurs but isn’t enough to cause a problem,” he writes. “Going beyond that, all the way to ‘no condensation’ is unnecessary expense. Some in-wall condensation *will occur* at the minimum recommended foam R values.” Holladay replies: “When sheathing is cold in the winter, and in contact with warm humid air, what happens isn’t really condensation. It’s sorption. The moisture content of the cold OSB or plywood sheathing increases when the warm humid air is in contact with it.” That said, the building science in this case is clear. When the exterior foam is thick enough, the sheathing stays dry. If the foam is too thin, the siding may get damp, which is risky. With that in mind, Bridgers asks, would a 2-inch layer of polyiso with an R-value of 13 be a better bet than a 2-inch layer of EPS, with an R-value of 8? “That’s exactly the right type of question,” Jon R replies. “WUFI might provide a useful answer. Forced to weigh various factors and guess in your case (never a good way to do design), I’d say the R-13. Better than either if it were unfaced/higher perms.” Agreed, says Holladay: R-13 is preferable to R-8. Our expert’s opinion GBA technical director Peter Yost made the following points: Cavity or interstitial condensation: There are two primary drivers of this phenomenon: the difference in temperature between the interior and exterior, and the interior relative humidity. Yes, it’s plenty dry in New Mexico during the winter, but occupants can generate quite a bit of moisture (for more, see this). So, make sure you manage interior sources of moisture and have humidity-sensing devices so that occupants know what the interior relative humidity is. Location and nature of air control layer/barrier: If I only get to choose one location for an air barrier, I choose the exterior, for two reasons. One, it’s much easier to get continuity on the exterior (no intersecting interior partitions or floor assemblies to worry about). Two, exterior air barriers deal better with wind-washing at the corners of buildings. Continuity is key. It’s easy to designate elements of the air control layer, but more difficult to get them all connected. Pick one plane for the air barrier, and then make it continuous. If you can get more than one air barrier, great. But one continuous barrier is way more beneficial than two or more discontinuous ones. Building assembly drying potential: It’s ideal to select every individual layer of an assembly (based on vapor permeance) so that there is drying in both directions, but our assemblies are complex enough these days that settling for drying potential in one direction is reasonable. Avoid selecting Class I — and if you can, Class II — vapor retarding materials on one side of your assembly or the other to get that single-direction drying potential. Bottom line: There’s absolutely no need for polyethylene. Don’t put in a Class I vapor retarder/barrier unless you have to.last_img read more

Pac-12 Commissioner Larry Scott Says UCLA AD Dan Guerrero Voted Incorrectly On Satellite Camps

first_imgpac-12 logo.Update: I assumed that eight or nine Pac-12 schools were for satellite camps. As it turns out, it was 11, with the assumed dissident being UCLA, according to Stewart Mandel. You can’t make this up.Larry Scott confirmed that 11 of the 12 Pac-12 schools did not support a satellite camp ban. Would not say the 12th, but, now you can guess.— Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) April 20, 2016Earlier: Two weeks ago, Washington State head coach Mike Leach said that most Pac-12 programs are for satellite camps, and that he didn’t know why the conference voted against it. According to Fox Sports’ Stewart Mandel, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has an answer: UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero voted the wrong way.New twist in satellite camp ban. Pac-12 commish Larry Scott says their rep, Dan Guerrero, “did not vote the way he was supposed to vote.”— Stewart Mandel (@slmandel) April 20, 2016It is unclear whether this was subterfuge by an athletic director whose school is in a talent rich city, or just a mistake, but it makes sense that most Pac-12 programs would want the chance to see players from other areas. While UCLA and USC have the advantage of being in Los Angeles, and Stanford has its own very unique recruiting ability, satellite camps make a ton of sense for pretty much every other program in the league.last_img read more

Zlatan Ibrahimovic joined Man United to prove haters wrong

first_imgZlatan Ibrahimovic revealed that his main motive in signing for Manchester United was to prove his “haters” wrong by conquering the Premier League.The Swedish striker arrived at Old Trafford in 2016 on a free transfer from Paris Saint-Germain and on the verge of becoming 35 years old.Due to this, questions were naturally raised over the kind of impact Ibrahimovic could make at United at that stage of his career.But the Swede quickly set about proving doubters wrong by netting 28 goals in 48 appearances for his debut campaign before suffering serious ligament damage in his right knee during a Europa League match in April 2017 against Anderlecht.Amid struggles to regain full fitness from the setback, Ibrahimovic left Old Trafford in February 2018 in favour of a move to MLS at LA Galaxy.“My challenge was, at the age I was, coming to England, where I had years of everybody was saying I wasn’t good enough,” Ibrahimovic told the club website.“I like those things because they trigger me. They give me adrenaline.“After three months, all of them were eating their own words. I needed new haters because all the old ones became my new fans!“Wherever I went before United, I won, and it was my pleasure that it happened again in England. Winning is in my DNA, I need to win – that’s my mentality. I hate losing. I’m not a bad loser, but I hate it and I love to win.“I said we would win and we won two big trophies. That speaks for itself.Harry Maguire, Manchester UnitedLiverpool legend Nicol slams Harry Maguire’s Man United form Andrew Smyth – September 14, 2019 Steve Nicol believes Harry Maguire has made some “horrendous mistakes” recently, and has failed to find his best form since joining Manchester United.“That whole first season at United was fantastic. Everything was. I really enjoyed it. The family was happy, everybody was happy, the club took care of me and made it really easy for me. I just needed to turn up, put on my football boots and perform.“When I came to United and I said I would conquer England, people were laughing at me. I wasn’t joking.”The one and only won the treble in his only full campaign at United in the Community Shield, Carabao Cup and the Europa League.And Ibrahimovic also paid tribute to the Red Devils’ supporters.He added: “The United fans are amazing. I’m not just saying that because I played for United. I know now because I’ve been on their side and I know the feeling they give you.“They really appreciated what I did and they were thankful. That is the best credit a player can get because when you do something and you get that response from the fans, it’s amazing.“They are 50 per cent of everything we do. Imagine if you played in empty stadiums… you would not play.“In Old Trafford, it was always full. Always. In every away game they always showed up, always supported.”Ibrahimovic managed 22 goals and seven assists in 26 MLS games for Galaxy in 2018 and had been strongly linked with a return to AC Milan in the January transfer window.LONDON, ENGLAND – FEBRUARY 26: Zlatan Ibrahimovic of Manchester United celebrates victory with the trophy after during the EFL Cup Final between Manchester United and Southampton at Wembley Stadium on February 26, 2017 in London, England. Manchester United beat Southampton 3-2. (Photo by Alex Livesey/Getty Images)last_img read more

Abhishek trains gun on saffron party for dividing people

first_imgKolkata: Trinamool Youth Congress president Abhishek Banerjee lashed out at BJP once again on Wednesday, for destroying the social fabric of the country by dividing people on religious lines.While taking part in a road show in Bankura, Banerjee on Wednesday gave a clarion call to oust the saffron party from the Centre. He also urged the people to help Trinamool Congress win in all the 42 Lok Sabha constituencies in the state. Banerjee participated in the road show in favour of Trinamool Congress candidates Subrata Mukherjee and Shyamal Santra. Mukherjee is contesting the elections from the Bankura Lok Sabha seat, while Santra is fighting his electoral battle from Bishnupur. Both the candidates submitted their nominations on Wednesday. Also Read – Rs 13,000 crore investment to provide 2 lakh jobs: Mamata”GST had horrendous consequences for a section of businessmen in the country. Various small and medium scale businessmen are the ones hit worst by the hasty implementation of GST. They were forced to shut down their businesses. Our party had urged the Centre not to implement the GST in haste, as there is no proper infrastructure ready to cope with the situation,” Banerjee said. He also said that BJP is trying to divide people on the basis of their religion, in order to gain political advantage before the polls. “They are also differentiating between the Also Read – Lightning kills 8, injures 16 in staterich and the poor. People are being divided on the basis of their caste as well,” Banerjee added. “Do not cast a single vote in favour of BJP, which is doing politics over religion. People must throw them out in a democratic way. Those who seek votes in the name of our jawans have no moral right to come to power,” he said. Braving hot and humid condition, a huge number of people gathered at Bishnupur, where the Trinamool Youth Congress chief took out the road show. Banerjee, an outgoing Trinamool Congress MP from Diamond Harbour, is contesting the ongoing Lok Sabha elections from the same seat.last_img read more

Then there was supp

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a trilateral committee representing the three governments meeting today in Tokyo announced CAMPUS Asia,TOKYO—China “thought my career was forever, Since Kardashian West posted the recording. read more

told the Telegraph

told the Telegraph.

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