Poetry January 8, 2015

first_imgWomenWonderful people- I like themThey hold you when you cryAnd bath you in warm waterWith towel pampering on your soft bodyLike my mother, they cry when you cryWomenLovely PeopleOh women- Some are viciousThey smile with youAnd carry your coffin in their heartsAnd take you on wings and waste you in the oceanWomenFear themDo you know a woman? My grandmother is oneShe cooks a meat and feeds her grandchildren with her handsAnd watches them growMy grandmother is a womanBut I know a WomanShe leads you down the desertAnd strangles you with droughtAnd takes the lone camel to the oasisYour memory disappears with the breezeWomenSome are bitter, cruel, and dry to the bonesThey clinch on your tongue and cleave like a thornIf you swallow you’ll bleedI know a womanA tall GbengahShe glows like a fountain, her face glitters like fireworksAnd sparks with glamourWhat a woman?But I know another womanShe springs like a tigressAnd moans like a bullHer eyes shine like the moonSettling behind the forest gazeShe captures with her fangsHer wings are wider than the falconsKnow them boy?No one knows a womanHer heart is deeper than the ocean’s basinHome of debris and stories of agesChained like a prison gateOh women!Mighty womenWhere cometh thy prowess?Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) WomenBy: Lekpele M. Nyamalon It’s a New YearBy: Lekpele M. Nyamaloncenter_img The time went click, click, clickEveryone stood straightThe bells rangPeople shouted and sangHappy new year, me na dieWaving the old year byeIs it a new year?Or just another new morningTo wake up and fearOf all the world’s hauling and pullingIt could be a day anewFilled with strength from aboveAnd promise to ensueOf a life to take hold ofIt’s a New YearRaise your hand and cheerlast_img read more