Granger has shown utter contempt for Guyana’s Constitution

first_imgDear Editor,There was a successful passage of a no-confidence motion against this Government on December 21, 2018, to which Article 106 (6) and (7) gave specific instructions as to the way forward.The Granger Government, in typical PNC fashion, has been trying every which way to stave off this sure directive. There have been endless court scenes, which I call frivolities, into the validity of the vote, among some other trivial matters, which will eventually amount to nothing. The stubbornness and illegal mentality of this Government urge them on to show more contempt, as they try somehow to circumvent the Constitution. In this regard, we are about to see a constitutional crisis very soon.Now, as that constitutional crisis, pariah state situation, looms bigger and brighter, many in civil society are calling on the Government to honour the Constitution. They have every right to do so because respect for the law stands supreme in any civilised society unless we want to fall victim to a lawless society, which is something the PNC are driving us into.Those civil groups are acting in a responsible manner, thus calling on the guilty party, which in this case is the Government, to own up to the realities of the day, resign, and call elections. But instead, they and their support press are manufacturing a ton of lies in a vain effort to prop up their hopeless situation.They have even gone so far as to blame the coming crisis on the Opposition Leader who is the innocent party in all of this. Why blame the Opposition Leader for this mess when you have an obstinate Government which does not care about people or country? Granger and his lawless PNC members have shown utter contempt for law and order as well as the people over whom they govern. From the very first day in office, this Government ruled on a narrow party basis, the needs of the people were far removed from their vocabulary. The people were second class or no class where they were concerned. From the onset, it was how to please themselves and their party people using State funds. Volda Lawrence aptly expressed that fact so there is no need to clarify anything whatsoever in that well thought out, well-established fact of the PNC. Do not shift the blame; please cast the accusatory finger in the direction where it rightfully belongs.So, when that same group of persons is suggesting that the Opposition Leader meets with Granger for another round of discussions, I am re-echoing the words of Jagdeo that there would be no meeting of the two. As the visionary doctor has said, he has no interest in another PR stunt with the President. When Granger respects the Constitution of this country, then and only then would he honour a meeting with him. And may I add, that discussion would centre on how soon we are going into the next general election.Respectfully,Neil Adamslast_img read more

Good Hope man seriously injured

first_imga Good Hope, East Coast Demerara (ECD) man has sustained serious injuries after the car in which he was travelling ended up in a canal at Den Amstel, West Coast Demerara (WCD), in the wee hours of Wednesday morning.Injured is David Williams of Good Hope, ECD, while Shelly Allen and Michelle Caesar escaped unhurt.According to reports, the accident occurred around 03:00h when the silver Toyota Primo motorcar was travelling to Georgetown from Parika after dropping off workers who are working on the D’urban Park Project.Guyana Times was told that a sand truck, which was travelling in the opposite direction, attempted to overtake another vehicle and ended up in the path of the car.Allen, who was driving the car at the time, swerved to avoid a collision and in the process lost control and ended up in the canal.The truck driver did not stop to render assistance but rather drove away.Speaking with this publication, Allen explained that after running into the canal, she along with Caesar were able to come out of the vehicle to seek help as Williams was trapped in the partially submerged car.She explained that two vehicles were passing at the time and stopped to lend assistance. “A man in a 4-runner vehicle and another man on a motorcycle stopped to help us out”. The persons assisted Allen and Caesar in getting Williams out of the vehicle.Williams sustained head injuries as a result of the accident and is being treated at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.“Something has to be done about these sand trucks man, look how many accidents are being caused by them, especially late at night. When they are approaching you with those huge lights, it is impossible for a driver to see anything,” she complained.According to the occupants, they would be unable to identify the driver of the truck that caused the accident. The Police are currently investigating the matter.last_img read more

2015 Marathon Launched

first_imgAround 200 persons, including Youth and Sports Minister Lenn Eugene Nagbe, foreigners and the youth registered to participate in the 2015 Liberia Marathon over the weekend.Last Saturday’s launch was not only greeted with passion, having been postponed thrice because of the deadly Ebola Virus Disease (EVD) but as a “new beginning” in celebration of the strength and commitment against the fight of the resurgence of the Ebola virus, according to Chief Launcher Minister Nagbe.He said the fervor of the November 8th Marathon isn’t only about the event but is about symbolizing that the country is “free of no-transmission of the virus.”Minister Nagbe, a former sprinter, who is poised to participate in the 10km race, encouraged every Liberian as well as foreign residents in the country to use the marathon to celebrate a fresh start after the pandemic.He promised government support to the Marathon.Liberians are to pay L$60 and L$120 for registration fees for the 10km and half-marathon, while non-Liberians will pay US$26 and US$34.Registrations run up to Sunday, October 25 – and it can be done at the Daily Observer Newspaper offices on Benson and Macdonald Streets and the Merit Travel Office, Kaba Building, Benson and Mechlin Street.The 2015 Marathon Race Director Ms. Eunice Dahn said the run is in memory of those who lost their lives and also a dedication to those who survived the Ebola tragedy.She explained that the Marathon is divided into two races: half-marathon race (from Freeport to the ELWA Compound) and the 10km race (from JFK Hospital to the ELWA Compound).According to Ms. Dahn, every weekend, volunteers will “Take the registration forms to communities as a way of creating awareness for the marathon.”The General Manager of the RLJ Hotel, Mr. Roderick Peck said the Marathon is steeped in history and would always mark out its participants as men and women of great strength and courage.He said the first long distance run was done in 490BC over two and a half thousand years ago, when a young soldier named Pheidippides left the battle field shedding his arm out as he ran to Athens, Greece to deliver just one word to his fellow Athenians, Niki —- victory!.“Many thousands of marathons have been run since, and it takes courage and strength not just of the body but the mind as well perhaps the mind is the most important,” Mr. Peck said.He added: “The determination never to give up the sheer will-power to keep placing one foot in front of the other when all of your body is crying out to rest, it is this will-power and this desire to triumph over all that stands in our way that makes this a race that Liberians should cherish and excel.”The RLJ Hotel is the newest sponsor of the 2015 Liberia Marathon.Mr. Nathaniel Jallah, the Public and Government Affairs Manager of ExxonMobil–Liberia said briefly that his institution remained supportive of the Liberia Marathon and is positive that this year’s Marathon would achieve its objective.Speaking on behalf of Liberia Marathon Trust, Charles D. Cooper thanked the Ministry of Youth and Sports and other Ministries for the collaboration; Monrovia City Mayor, Clara Doe Mvogo for her invaluable assistance as well as the Liberia National Police for providing security and traffic control in past events, and to the Red Cross for providing medical volunteers.Mr. Cooper also hailed ‘Spark BSC’ and ‘Run For’ for providing a grant of US$4,000 and US$3,000 respectively to begin preparations for the Marathon.There will be 22 cash prizes – eight prizes for half-marathon, from 1st to the 3rd winners and a Patriot Prize (exclusively for Liberians) for each category as well as for the 10km race, and the wheel chair and crutches category has three separate winners.Cash prizes for the winners are yet to be announced, according to the organizers.It’s likely that the lack of sponsorship might force organizers of the marathon to make substantial cutbacks for the 2015 event’s US$100,000 estimated budget, including a one-third reduction in prize money.Race director Eunice Dahn told Daily Observer that the organizers are hopeful of sponsorship and assistance from the Liberian government for the November 8th Liberia Marathon.Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)last_img read more