Peruvian and Chilean Military Leaders Meet to Coordinate Joint Actions

first_imgBy Dialogo February 14, 2011 The heads of the Peruvian and Chilean militaries met in the Peruvian border city of Tacna to coordinate joint actions in fulfillment of the accords between the two countries’ defense ministries, the official news agency Andina reported. The occasion was the First Technical Meeting between the head of the Peruvian Armed Forces Joint Command, Gen. Luis Howell Ballena, and the head of the Chilean Joint General Staff, Gen. Hernán Mardones Ríos. The meeting between the high-ranking officers was held in fulfillment of the agreement signed in August 2010 in Lima between the Peruvian and Chilean defense ministries, according to which the two countries are to create a binational unit with the capacity to participate in peace-keeping operations. The agreement also includes the possibility of providing immediate assistance in the event of natural disasters in the two countries.last_img read more

EVK receives ‘B’ after health inspection

first_imgThe dining hall Everybody’s Kitchen received a “B” rating from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health last week, but USC administrators say they are working hard to fix the violations.B-side · The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health inspected Everybody’s Kitchen on Sept. 9 and gave the dining hall a “B” rating. USC Hospitality said it is working to fix the violations that occurred. – Aditya Tannu | Daily TrojanThe health department conducted a facility inspection on Sept. 9 and gave the popular on-campus dining hall 81 points out of 100. Cafeterias such as EVK are inspected three to four times a year on a random basis.“Everyone starts with 100 points. As the inspector goes through the violations that they come across, they start deducting points from 100,” said Mabel Gale, an environmental health specialist with the department.The violations found at EVK included high refrigerator temperatures, lack of lids used on food storage, broken gaskets and dirty floors in the kitchen. Gale said most of the points deducted were because of broken gaskets that allowed the temperature in the coolers to rise higher than 41 degrees Fahrenheit, the required temperature limit.Gale said, however, most of the violations committed were minor and did not pose a major health issue for students.“It’s different if you have a problem with vermin, with rats, with mice,” Gale said. “The inspection is just a picture of what is going at that precise moment.”Kris Klinger, director of USC Hospitality, said he believes students should not be concerned about food safety at EVK.“There’s no danger. If there were a danger, the health department would shut us down,” he said.The university has paid a fee to receive another inspection in the next 14 days, and EVK will receive a new rating after the second visit from the health department.Klinger said USC Hospitality has already begun fixing the problems that led to the “B” rating by implementing new training systems, working to fix the temperatures and ensuring more stringent audits of the kitchen.“Students are a priority,” Klinger said. “So we’re going to get the ‘A’ back and maintain the ‘A.’”The rating was a disappointment for the employees, Klinger said.“It’s not a true reflection of the job that they do,” Klinger said. “They are very disappointed … They know the students well, they know everyone who comes in.”Erica Silva, a junior majoring in political science, said she believes a “B” rating is unacceptable for a college cafeteria.“It was really disappointing, because being at a university, we shouldn’t have to worry about the quality of our food. I think there is no excuse for them to have any kind of rating lower than an ‘A,’” Silva said.Silva said EVK was a popular option for students with a meal plan who live in dorms on the north side of campus.“It’s really a trek to go to Parkside,” Silva said. “For all the students in that area, [EVK is] where everybody eats. It’s kind of like your only option, especially with the meal plan.”EVK had a rating of 94, or an “A,” before the inspection on Sept. 9. The last time the cafeteria received a “B” was in 2008.last_img read more