Matherson convinced KC can win Champs

first_imgKingston College (KC) standout sprinter, Jhevaughn Matherson, one of the athletes on whom KC’s ISSA/GraceKennedy Boys and Girls’ Athletics Championships title ambitions to dethrone Calabar High School rests, is looking to clock fast times and help his school win the championship next month.Matherson has personal bests of 10.37 in the 100 metres and 20.97 over 200 metres.There was agony for KC last year when he aggravated an injury which forced him out of the Class Two boys’ 200m, as they eventually slumped to a 15.5-point loss to Calabar.This year, however, the athlete maintains he is eyeing nothing less than glory.”I know I am a champion, so it’s just my competitive drive that is my motivation,” he said.”There is always going to be major expectations, but season after season it gets better handling them. The main aim is to break 21.00 seconds in the 200m and go low 10 seconds in the 100m, 10.10 if possible, that’s the aim right now,” he assured in an interview.A fight for bragging rights and the prestigious Mortimer Geddes Trophy will again ensue from March 15-19 between four-time consecutive champions Calabar High and their bitter rivals KC inside the National Stadium.The Purples have won the title 31 times, Calabar High 24 and Jamaica College third with 21 titles.BETTING ON HIS TEAM”Calabar are incredible competitors, but I have to go with my school for this one. You can’t count out yourself,” stressed Matherson.He recently sizzled with a smooth 21.69 on return from injury in the Class One boys’ 200m at the Queens/Grace Jackson meet at the National Stadium.Many are contending that the Red Hills Road-based institution will cop title number 25 this year, but the sprinter says his school will be coming all out to stop them.”We are all confident, we think we can get it this year (win Champs), we are just motivating the younger guys and see if they can repeat what we the seniors do,” he outlined.The KC star stressed that people can expect “medals and possibly records”.last_img read more

Top 10 Failures of 2009

first_imgIn our yearly wrap-ups of the best products of 2009, we cannot but notice the shadow that falls over the editorial desk.We are chilled and saddened by the ghosts of the past year – the apps that should have been, the startups that failed to launch, the brilliant ideas that were throttled, the great minds that were fired, the tech heroes that committed tragic gaffes. But some failures were so monumental that they require specific enumeration and commentary. Here are the 10 worst tech failures of 2009.Google Wave SuckedThis is one case where the hype was as noisy as the app – and both were deafening. We have to hand it to Google’s publicity team; we don’t know one geek who wasn’t positively salivating for a Wave invite. The ReadWriteWeb back channel was a complete melee when the first invites were rolled out to team members. But once we got there and saw the new tech tricks, like watching one another type, we started thinking about use cases. And the more we struggled to understand and use this product, the more frustrated and bored we became. Blame it on the steep learning curve. Blame it on our misunderstanding the product. Mount whatever feeble defense you like, but techies know Wave was a flop.The TabletPads Went to the DeadpoolAll we wanted was a $200-500 flat piece of glass and plastic with some fancy gizmodgery inside so we could look at the Internet from the comfort of our couches. And what did we get? Rumors, Photoshopped gadget porn, promises – lies, all lies. We’d have been better off if we’d spent those months drawing the Yahoo! home page on an Etch-A-Sketch. Although the Crunchpad has resurfaced as the JooJoo, the price has been marked up considerably, and the whole project just seems wrong to us now. Moreover, five will get you ten that Michael Arrington, father of the Crunchpad and a former attorney, is fixing to get litigious right about now, which might significantly delay the product’s appearance on the market.Powerset Resurfaced as BingIn 2008, Powerset was one of the stealthiest, sexiest startups on the Silicon Valley block. About five minutes after launching, Powerset got snatched up by Microsoft to the tune of $100 million. When everyone had retrieved their dentures from the ground and changed their pants, they noticed that Powerset’s ever-so-sexy tech had been folded quietly into the Borg for assimilation. And about a year later, Bing was born, reportedly from the tech that Microsoft scraped off the infant carcass of Powerset. And Bing sucked. We had such high hopes.Twitter Failed to InnovateWhile some of us had our money on a Twitter sale in 2009, others were simply waiting for the company to debut a radical, interesting, mutually beneficial revenue model. At the very least, most users were hoping that the scalability issues and downtime that made Twitter the tragic heroine of 2008 would be put to rest.Twitter’s failures this year were less about the headlines they made than the ones they didn’t make. Rumors to the contrary notwithstanding, Twitter didn’t capitalize on their massive adoption increase (a.k.a., their Oprahtization) and sell. Worse yet, they didn’t buy. When one recalls the purchase of Summize and then contrasts it with this year’s explosion of excellent Twitter apps, one wonders why none of these small startups or one-off side projects were acquired. Perhaps this was a case of “Hey, we can do that!” as Twitter certainly seemed intent on pilfering features (such as lists and retweets) from third-party developers. Too bad the “official” Twitter features suck a lot more than the original third-party designs.But worst of all, we are still consistently experiencing downtime at a level that is unacceptable for any major web app. Google couldn’t get away with this kind of failure; why should Twitter be allowed to do so?The Great Firewall of China Drama Continued and WorsenedTo date, China’s “Golden Shield Project” restrictions on Internet use are throttling traffic from that country to websites such as Twitter, Facebook, Bing, and many, many more. Banned sites include news organizations that cover controversial events, pro-democracy sites and blogs, any site acknowledging the existence of Taiwan, YouTube, most blogging websites (WordPress, Blogger, etc.) and anything the government deems to be obscene or profane. In countries where creative self expression and the ability to browse, learn and make decisions independently are freedoms too often taken for granted, these restrictions are indeed unthinkable. The project began in 1998 and still made plenty of headlines this year for its renewed affronts to freedom on the Internet. For example, in June, the Chinese government announced it would be rolling out censorship software on every new computer sold in the country.Microsoft Dumped Don DodgeNot too long ago, we at ReadWriteWeb were shocked to learn from startup guru and longtime Microsoft ambassador Don Dodge that the Big M had given him the kiss-off. Dodge was seen by many as an intelligent, approachable personality in front of a huge, out-of-touch, unpopular brand. It was the tech industry equivalent of FOX cancelling the Simpsons. It’s been noted that Microsoft makes its paper from the enterprise, not startups, which would make Dodge a natural candidate for the chopping block. Still, the move was hugely criticized by bloggers, VCs and others. Microsoft’s PR plot thickened a few days later when Google snatched up the briefly unemployed Dodge.Spotify Didn’t Launch in the US… YetIt tops our list of Most Highly Anticipated Products Yankees Can’t Get Their Mitts On. Streaming music service Spotify is changing the world – with the exception of the United States. We’ve already got a crowded market of players here, including Pandora, and Imeem. Call us greedy, but we want the new hotness that is Spotify, too.The Web 1.0 Comeback Campaigns Were Embarrassing to WatchNow, we at ReadWriteWeb have no desire to kick a company when it’s down, but a couple of the mastodons of the mid-nineties dotcom boom have been valiantly attempting to stage comebacks, some more successfully than others. Yahoo! did some good things for developers this year, but AOL/Aol’s rebranding was pitiful. And don’t get Dana Oshiro started on the affront to end-user dignity that is Friendster.Oracle Acquired MySQLOpen-source geeks have been sporting metaphorical black armbands for the loss of MySQL, the world’s largest open-source database, to Oracle, the largest pay-to-play database, following that company’s acquisition of Sun Microsystems. We reported last week that MySQL usage is expected to drop by around 10 percent over the next 5 years. Here’s another handy stat: Oracle also this year raised their own prices by 40 percent. Will MySQL remain free-as-in-beer and open source? Or will it succumb to corporate lameness?And the Worst Fail of 2009… LeapFish Made a God-Awful Promotional VideoTonight, we dine in hell! LeapFish’s bombastic promo clip (which you have to watch in 10-second segments to avoid waves of misplaced inspiration alternating with waves of nausea) is as horrifying as the company itself is sketchy. The startup says it made $10 million before it even launched, and the CEO Ben Behrouzi is an infamous contrepreneur with a background in lead generation and threatening employees. So, there you have it: our list of the worst tech-related disasters of 2009. What did we omit? Let us know in the comments below, and don’t hold back. Clearly, we didn’t.And to the companies mentioned in this report: 2009 isn’t over yet. You’ve still got three weeks to make it right with end users. Top Reasons to Go With Managed WordPress Hosting Tags:#2009 in Review#web#Year in Review Related Posts Why Tech Companies Need Simpler Terms of Servic… A Web Developer’s New Best Friend is the AI Wai… jolie odell 8 Best WordPress Hosting Solutions on the Marketlast_img read more

Jamaicans Urged To Plant Trees

first_imgStory Highlights “We have seen the devastation from the rains we had recently in terms of flooding and siltation of our waterways, and what we can do to reduce that in the future is plant trees, because the roots of trees hold the soil together. So, in times of heavy downpour, there will be less soil erosion, less silt reaching our waterways and fewer water lock-offs,” Miss Gilpin reasoned. Jamaicans are being encouraged to plant trees to support the ‘Trees for Life’ initiative, aimed at strengthening the island’s diverse flora and improving its resilience to climate change.Trees for Life is a campaign being undertaken as part of the Yallahs/Hope (River) Watershed Project with support from the Forestry Department, National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport.In an interview with JIS News, Communications Specialist for the project, Patrice Gilpin, said the campaign started in October 2016 with a target set for Jamaica to plant one million trees by June 30, 2019.“Trees provide an abundance of benefits, as they give us clean air, cleaner water, they are homes to our wildlife, they take in carbon dioxide from the environment and let out oxygen, which means we are breathing better air. So, one tree can mean so much, and you would be planting today to benefit generations to come,” Miss Gilpin outlined.The whole idea, she added, is that with more trees planted, the more the green coverage of the island will be improved and the more resilient the country will be to the impacts of climate change.She informed that some 2,860 tree plants will be distributed to schools, communities and farmers in St. Thomas through the Yallahs/Hope (River) Watershed Project. These trees may range from coffee, naseberry, mango, soursop, avocado and citrus, to mahogany and jacaranda.Miss Gilpin noted that the Forestry Department and NEPA have been instrumental in the distribution of trees to persons across the island.“The Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport has also come on board 100 per cent and is fully committed to planting 155,000 trees throughout the year beginning Labour Day, in celebration of Jamaica 55,” she said.“We have seen the devastation from the rains we had recently in terms of flooding and siltation of our waterways, and what we can do to reduce that in the future is plant trees, because the roots of trees hold the soil together. So, in times of heavy downpour, there will be less soil erosion, less silt reaching our waterways and fewer water lock-offs,” Miss Gilpin reasoned.She encouraged corporate entities and groups to celebrate their special anniversaries and milestones by planting a tree.“We want Jamaicans to get back to the habit of planting a tree for your baby and watch that tree grow as you watch your child grow, so that we can achieve our target come 2019,” the Communications Specialist urged.For more details and to participate in the initiative, persons can visit NEPA’s website at to access the ‘Trees for Life’ web page. She informed that some 2,860 tree plants will be distributed to schools, communities and farmers in St. Thomas through the Yallahs/Hope (River) Watershed Project. These trees may range from coffee, naseberry, mango, soursop, avocado and citrus, to mahogany and jacaranda. Trees for Life is a campaign being undertaken as part of the Yallahs/Hope (River) Watershed Project with support from the Forestry Department, National Environment & Planning Agency (NEPA) and the Ministry of Culture, Gender, Entertainment and Sport.last_img read more

Bruce Springsteen meets fans in Toronto to promote Born To Run

first_img LEAVE A REPLY Cancel replyLog in to leave a comment Advertisement Advertisement Login/Register With: Facebook Bruce Springsteen made a tour stop in Toronto on Thursday to meet fans and promote his new autobiography, Born to Run. Six hundred lucky fans who scored tickets to the sold-out event got the chance to have their photo taken with The Boss and get a copy of the memoir.Fans who didn’t act fast enough to get a ticket to the event in the Indigo store at Bay and Bloor Sts. were left disappointed. Twitterlast_img

Man dies after confrontation with RCMP in Igloolik

first_imgAPTN National NewsIGLOOLIK — Local RCMP have shot and killed a man at his residence in Igloolik, Nunavut.RCMP have said in a statement that they were “checking the well-being” of a man at his home when he advanced toward officers wielding a weapon and uttering threats. During the confrontation, he was shot by an RCMP officer, and later died of his injuries at the local health centre.The nature of the weapon the man was holding is unclear.RCMP said that an investigation will be launched into the incident, and that the Major Crimes Unit is en route from Iqaluit to secure the scene. They also say that it is “too early at this point” to determine what set off the confrontation.An officer sustained non-life-threatening injuries at the scene.last_img

IndiaChina balancing act to pay off in Bangladesh elections

first_imgAwami League president, prime minister Sheikh Hasina — File photo: ReutersDoubts are there if development records of the Awami League will be enough to secure it a win in the upcoming parliamentary elections, according to South China Morning Post.The newspaper observed that under prime minister Sheikh Hasina’s leadership, Dhaka has balanced “China’s growing interest in gaining influence with India’s unease at its regional rival’s intentions”.As part of its ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ China has planned to invest $30 billion in Bangladesh’s infrastructure building, said the Post report. “This makes Bangladesh the second-biggest recipient of Chinese money from the belt and road plan in South Asia, behind Pakistan,” it added.India, which helped Bangladesh during the war of liberation in 1971, has spent $7 billion on infrastructure projects since Hasina came to power – much of it to facilitate connectivity to India’s own remote northeast, the report mentioned.“While Hasina has accepted Chinese funds to speed up development, she has been a much tougher nut to crack than leaders of neighbouring countries,” observed the report titled ‘Bangladesh election: will Sheikh Hasina’s China-India balancing act be enough to keep power?’However, the report pointed out, the challenge for her AL seems to be factionalism as the ruling party is “bickering as more than 4,000 aspirants jostle to be nominated for positions in the 300-member House”.In contrast, the report added, the AL candidates are facing a “relatively united opposition for the first time in more than 10 years”.“This move is very significant. It will boost opposition unity and ensure complete polarisation of the electorate – Awami League versus the rest,” the Chinese newspaper quoted columnist Sukharanjan Dasgupta as saying.It also quoted a senior official as saying: “If Hasina and other senior leaders cannot control the factionalism, many aspirants would contest as independents and split the party’s vote bank. Some may sabotage the prospect of the party’s official candidates.”Senior leaders of the AL have already expressed apprehensions and issued warning that those who would not abide by the party’s discipline would be expelled for ever.Opposition Bangladesh Nationalist Party leader Mouded Ahmed was quoted to have alleged that members of the current administration faced serious charges of corruption and misuse of administrative machinery.“The people are desperate for a change. They want to restore democracy and the right to vote freely,” he reportedly said.The Chinese newspaper also mentioned that the opposition had no clear candidate for the prime ministerial position, nor did they have a vision to match Sheikh Hasina’s.Ultimately, the report insisted, Hasina’s fate lies in the hands of young voters, as 23.5 million of the 103 million-strong electorate are aged between 18 and 28 years of age.This group, buoyed by her strong developmentalist agenda, voted for her party in the 2008 elections, the report recalled.Referring to analysts, the report said young voters tend to be swayed by issues and do not have the hard political loyalties of the older generation. Their turnout is said to be higher than that of older people.“In Bangladesh, we are always choosing the lesser evil,” the report quoted as saying college student Salma Ashrafi Tonoya, 19, who will be voting for the first time this December.last_img read more

A convoluted heist drama

first_img“Den of Thieves” is a convolutedly narrated heist film that involves concepts from other superior crime thrillers of the past. With a handful of stylish shootouts, chase sequences and other confrontations bridged together by a lacklustre screenplay, this over-the-top crime saga is a predictable derivative saga of cops and robbers.The film begins with some onscreen graphics informing us about some true-life statistics about bank robberies in the US. Apparently, a bank robbery occurs every 48 minutes there. Given this information, one expects that the opening sequence in Los Angeles would give us an adrenaline-packed thrilling insight into one such robbery. But instead, we witness a run-of-the-mill heist of an armoured truck by a very well armed gang of thieves. Also Read – Add new books to your shelfThis dacoity is led by Ray Merriman (Pablo Schreiber) a one-time special forces soldier and criminal mastermind and cohorts including Enson (Curtis “50 Cents Jackson) and Bosco (Evan Jones).Despite the robbers’ military precision, there are fatalities on both sides. And to the amusement of his colleagues, Ray mentions, “We are cop killers now.”The case catches the attention of the Major Crimes unit of the local Sheriff’s department, led by Nick Flanagan (Gerard Butler) who is also known as “Big Nick” among his co-workers. While surveying the scene of the crime, we learn that he is at loggerheads with the head of FBI. At the same time, he is wary and anxious as he gravely says, “We’re dealing with a different animal here, boys.” Also Read – Over 2 hours screen time daily will make your kids impulsiveTo top it all, Nick has a troubled personal life. He tells us that he and his unit are bad guys and there’s no reason to doubt that claim.The battle of wills between Ray and Nick aspires an epic level, but the characters exhibit far less real respect for one another. The bad blood incorporates a personal element where both Ray and Nick casually indulge in sex with the same person.Personal foibles apart, Ray and his team eye the Los Angeles branch of the Federal Reserve. In order to succeed in their endeavour, they rope in a genial bartender Donnie (O’Shea Jackson Jr) who is skilled in speed racing. But Nick who tries to stay a step ahead of Ray, roughs up Donnie who knows the consequences of turning into an informer.The plot takes a convoluted route. It oscillates back and forth between the two sides, offering would-be poignant exchanges. It teases the audience unnecessarily with personal issues and wastes precious time that could have been spent on the tense heist and its explosive aftermath, which is where the viewer wants to be. The execution in these moments is thrilling, although muddied by a final plot twist. There is not much time spent on motives or on explaining the ridiculous twist at the end. Also, parts of the film remind you of scenes in “The Usual Suspects” and the 1995 released film “Heat”.As for the performances, despite packed with testosterone-fuelled swagger and tough guy posturing by its ace-cast, the poorly developed characters are its undoing. Without much meaningful character development, the lines between heroes and villains blur. While the film majorly focuses on Butler and Pablo Schreiber who deliver compelling performances, the others too have their moments of onscreen glory.Though the story lacks in originality, it displays more brawn than brains and excels in its production values. The production designs, cinematography, editing and background-score are all of ace quality.last_img read more

Microsoft Connect 2018 Azure updates Azure Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code

first_img“I’m excited to share some of the latest things we’re working on at Microsoft to help developers achieve more when building the applications of tomorrow, today.”-Scott Guthrie – Executive Vice President, Cloud and Enterprise Group, Microsoft On the 4th of December, at the Microsoft Connect(); 2018 Conference, the tech giant announced a series of updates in its Azure domain. With an aim to make it easy for operators and developers to adopt and use Kubernetes, Microsoft has announced the public preview of Azure Kubernetes Service virtual nodes and Azure Container Instances GPU support. They have also announced Azure Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code, GitHub Releases, and much more! #1 Azure Kubernetes Service virtual nodes, Azure Container Instances GPU support enters public preview The Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) is powered by the open source Virtual Kubelet technology. This release will enable customers to fully experience serverless Kubernetes. Customers will be able to extend the consistent, powerful Kubernetes API (provided by AKS) with the scalable, container-based compute capacity of ACI. With AKS virtual nodes, customers can precisely allocate the number of additional containers needed, rather than waiting for additional VM-based nodes to spin up. The ACI is billed by the second, based on the resources that a customer specifies, thus enabling them to match their costs to their workloads. This, in turn, will help the AP provided by Kubernetes to reap the benefits of serverless platforms without having to worry about managing any additional compute resources Adding GPU support to ACI will enable a new class of compute-intensive applications through AKS virtual nodes. The blog says that initially, ACI will support the K80, P100, and V100 GPUs from Nvidia and users can specify the type and number of GPUs that they would like for their container. #2 Azure Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code The  Azure Pipelines extension for Visual Studio Code will enable developers use VS syntax highlighting and IntelliSense that will be aware of the Azure Pipelines YAML format. Traditionally, in Visual Studio Code, syntax highlighting required developers to remember exactly which keys are legal, causing them to flip back and forth to the documentation while keeping track of the location of the keys. Using this new functionality of Azure, they will now be alerted in red “ink” if they write “tasks:” instead of “task:”. They just need to press Ctrl-Space (or Cmd-Space on macOS) to see what’s accepted at that point in the file. #3 GitHub releases Developers can now seamlessly manage GitHub Releases using Azure Pipelines. This allows them to create new releases, modify drafts, or discard older drafts. The new GitHub Releases task supports actions like attaching binary files, publishing draft releases, and marking a release as pre-release and much more. #4 Azure IoT Edge support in the Azure DevOps project Azure DevOps Projects enables developers to set up a fully functional DevOps pipeline straight from the Azure portal which will be customized to the programming language and application platform they want to use, along with the Azure functionality they want to leverage and deploy to. The community showed a growing interest in using Azure DevOps to build and deploy IoT based solutions. The Azure portal for Azure IoT Edge in the Azure DevOps project workflow will make it easy for customers to achieve this goal. They can easily deploy IoT Edge modules written in Node.js, Python, Java, .NET Core, or C, helping users to develop, build, and deploy their IoT Edge application. This support will provide customers with: A Git code repository with a sample IoT Edge application written in Node.js, Python, Java, .NET Core, or C A build and a release pipeline setup for deployment to Azure Easy provisioning of all Azure resources required for Azure IoT Edge #5 ServiceNow integration with Azure Pipelines Azure has joined forces with ServiceNow, an organization that is focussed on automating routines activities, tasks, and processes at work. They help enterprises gain efficiencies and increase the productivity of their workforce. Developers can now automate the deployment process using Azure Pipelines, and use ServiceNow Change Management for risk assessment, scheduling, approvals, and oversight while updating production. You can head over to Microsoft’s official Blog to know more about these announcements. Read Next Microsoft and Mastercard partner to build a universally-recognized digital identity Microsoft open sources (SEAL) Simple Encrypted Arithmetic Library 3.1.0, with aims to standardize homomorphic encryption Microsoft reportedly ditching EdgeHTML for Chromium in the Windows 10 default browserlast_img read more

Earn 12 commission and 2X STAR points with Sunwing throughout October

first_imgEarn 12% commission and 2X STAR points with Sunwing throughout October Wednesday, October 4, 2017 << Previous PostNext Post >> TORONTO — For the entire month of October, Sunwing has partnered with Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit to offer agents 12% commission at source on all new bookings.The offer applies to bookings departing between Nov. 1, 2017 and April 30, 2018 that are confirmed by Oct. 31. In addition, agents will receive 2X STAR Agent Reward Points (on new bookings made for departure between Oct. 1-April 30, 2018) that convert into cash when they confirm their clients’ bookings by Oct. 27.Moreover, each time an agents makes a booking to any participating resort, they’ll earn a ballot for a chance to win an all-inclusive vacation for two to one of the following resorts: Casa Velas Hotel, Hilton Puerto Vallarta Resort, Krystal Vallarta or Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta. The more bookings an agent makes, the more chances they have to win.Sunwing has partnered with a number of top-rated resorts to offer reduced rates on select vacation packages during the month. These include Friendly Vallarta Beachfront Resort and Spa, Velas Vallarta, Barcelo Puerto Vallarta, Riu Vallarta and many more.More news:  ‘Turn around year’ for TPI brings double-digit growthTravellers can also take advantage of resort credits at Sunscape Puerto Vallarta Resort & Spa, Secrets Vallarta Resort & Spa, Now Amber Resort & Spa, and Dreams Villamagna Nuevo Vallarta. Those that opt for Garza Blanca Preserve Resort & Spa, Hotel Mousai and Sheraton Buganvillas Resort can enjoy a host of thoughtful extras such as spa discounts, complimentary Wi-Fi and more.All packages in the promotion include return flights on Sunwing Airlines, which include a sparkling wine toast, complimentary non-alcoholic beverage service and buy onboard selection of light meals and snacks inspired by Food Network Canada Celebrity Chef Lynn Crawford. Posted bycenter_img Travelweek Group Tags: Commission, Sunwing Sharelast_img read more