Middle Eastern tourists are among the largest consumers in the world

first_imgThe four Middle Eastern countries whose travelers spend the most on travel In the latest research of Skift called “Outgoing trips of the countries of the Middle East in 2019”, a detailed overview of this market is provided. The report begins with an overview of the size of the market and the growth forecast of the region as a whole, as well as the characteristics of individual countries. The research then focuses on the key factors that study what drives international travel in the region and the consumer behavior trends that shape their travel-related preferences. Finally, some of the case studies of global tourism brands and destinations implementing strategic initiatives to conquer part of this market are covered. Average government spending per visit to the United Kingdom Consumption per outbound trip Average consumption per outbound trip Source / photo: Skift Looking at the largest consumers from that region at the country level, the dominance of the Middle East is again noticeable. The four GCC countries, which we wrote about earlier, also show very high spending per visit, as shown by VisitBritain data, with Kuwait and Saudi Arabia leading in spending. The average cost of outbound travel for residents of the three Middle Eastern countries is over $ 3.000. Research estimates Skift Research show that this is $ 1.100 more than the average consumption of American travelers. Due to the great wealth of the region, travel expenses of travelers from the Middle East are higher compared to other countries and regions. In 2017, average spending per outbound trip was $ 1.551, which is more than spending in the UK and Germany, two large outbound markets globally. Travelers of this lucrative market are happy to visit international destinations and are prone to long journeys. All in all, they have all the components that a target destination market should have worldwide. Certain destination marketing organizations have noted similar trends when visiting Middle Eastern travelers to their destinations. Data from the UK’s VisitBritain tourist board, for example, reveals that travelers from the Middle East in the UK spent an average of $ 2.040 per visit, compared to $ 1.579 for Asian travelers and $ 1.091 for North American travelers. Passengers from the three Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries spent an average of more than $ 3.000 per outbound trip. By comparison, U.S. travelers spend an average of about $ 1.900 a year. Average consumption of the regions per visit to the United Kingdomlast_img read more

USC Security Roundup

first_imgThe following incidents were reported in the USC Dept. of Public Safety incident report summary between Wednesday, Sept. 24, and Thursday, Sept. 25. Crimes against propertyAt 8:13 a.m. on Sept. 24, a student reported being approached by a suspect from behind when she was walking near 29th Street and Orchard Avenue. The suspect attempted to take the student’s cellular phone out of her hands. The student turned around and then the suspect demanded that the student give the suspect her cell phone. The student then started to scream and ran into the middle of the street while the suspect ran from the scene. The student called DPS, who searched but found no suspect.At 11:16 A.m. on Sept. 24, a staff member reported to DPS that her USC Parking Permit was missing.At 1:35 P.m. on Sept. 24, DPS officers responded to a report that a student at Ronald Tutor Campus Center attempted to buy a meal with a counterfeit $20 bill. The student told DPS that he did not know that the bill was counterfeit and he was allowed to pay with an authentic $20 bill. The counterfeit bill was confiscated from the student and DPS turned it in to Bank of America.Miscellaneous incidentsat 8:55 a.m. on Sept. 24, DPS responded to a report that a student at the Lorenzo Apartments was suicidal. Upon arrival, the student was unharmed and declined an offer to get in contact with a counselor at Student Counseling Center. DPS left the scene after concluding that the student did not pose a threat to herself.at 10:33 A.m. on Sept. 24, it was reported that a staff member in the parking structure on Exposition Boulevard drove a USC vehicle into a concrete island, damaging the tire on the front side of the vehicle.at 10:40 a.m. on Sept. 24, a non-USC female was suffering from diabetic shock. DPS officers and a Rapid Response Team responded to evaluate the female and transport her to Keck Hospital to receive medical treatment.at 11:21 a.m. on Sept. 24, a non-USC male was suffering from low blood pressure. DPS officers and a Rapid Response Team responded and evaluated the male and transported him to Keck Hospital to receive medical treatment.at 3:13 P.m. on Sept. 24,  a student reported that his cell phone screen was broken after a suspect slapped it out of his hand during a confrontation about a flag that was stolen from a booth at Jefferson Boulevard and Hoover Street. DPS officers arrived and conducted a search but were unable to find the suspect.last_img read more