The family farm in Križevci wants to gather and promote domestic products

first_imgThe second Eno-gastro fairy tale was held in the Development Center and Technology Park Križevci, which brought together small producers and family farms from the area of ​​Koprivnica-Križevci County.The mission of the Eno-gastro fairytale is to connect agricultural production with business entities in one place, explained the director of the Križevci Entrepreneurship Center Tihomir Hodak, while one of the initiators of the Eno-gastro fairytale project Miroslav Mirković informed the audience that the “OPG Burza” project will start next year. the goal is to connect end consumers – customers with family producers.The aim of the project is the economic revitalization of the rural area, connecting agricultural producers with business entities (B2B) and developing a culture of business gifts (gifts to business partners) from the supply of domestic and eco products, as well as raising product demand, and thus encouraging increased production capacity. increasing employment needs. Eno-gastro fairy tale is just one of the activities within a larger project that includes other measures, says Miroslav Mirkovic, marketing manager of Glas Podravine and adds that due to the growing demand for domestic and organic products. Also, “OPG burza” was announced, which is conceived as a unique and innovative portal that will connect all producers in the Podravina and Prigorje area with the end consumer, ie the buyer. ” The group of producers includes small, medium and large family farms, small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in agricultural production and the service sector (IT sector, innovation, etc.). A special part will be dedicated to organic production. The family exchange is designed as a kind of agro guide where the end consumer will be able to find in one place all available agricultural products from northern Croatia (meat, milk, eggs, cheeses, vegetables and water, honey and other agricultural products) to protect and brand domestic production and connecting customer and manufacturer. “Mirkovic pointed out.In addition to the above, the goal of the project is to brand Podravina-Prigorje (quality and origin label) products and institutions from Croatia (schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.), legal entities and individuals to offer a quality selection of domestic products and other activities. In the end, the organizers invite all family farms, small and medium producers in the Koprivnica-Križevci County to join the project and connect with each other through the family exchange and the project Eno-gastro fairy tale.<br />
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Boxing trials : And the winner is…Mary Kom; Nikhat Zareen defeated in final bout

first_imgGuwahati: Six-time World champion MC Mary Kom defeated pugilist Nikhat Zareen in the women boxing trials of the Olympic Qualifiers on Saturday in New Delhi.The boxer from Manipur faced Zareen in the 51 kg category.Mary Kom will now represent India in the Tokyo Olympic Qualifiers to be held in China in February.Zareen, who had previously won the gold medal at Strandja Memorial tournament in Sofia, Bulgaria. advanced to the 51 kg category after defeating Jyoti Gulia.She had earlier courted controversy when she demanded a fair Olympic selection trial against Mary Kom.In an earlier interview with The Sentinel, Zareen, while she was in Guwahati, had said, ” I believe in myself. I am ready to take Mary on the ring and will try my best to win the bout.”Also Read: Mary Kom and Nikhat Zareen to fight it out in finals of Olympic Boxing TrialsAlso Watch: All Assam Lawyers Association staged protest rally against CAA 2019 in Guwahatilast_img read more

Press Talk A look at situational ethics

first_imgAre you ready? Ready for the rocket’s red glare? Ready for the bombs bursting in air?This Friday is July 4, and who doesn’t love a good parade and a few good fireworks?A few good fireworks.Unfortunately, if you’re opposed to the endless onslaught of fireworks, for days and days … and days, Clark County is not the place to be.And that’s too bad, because county voters approved an advisory measure telling commissioners to stop the madness and limit fireworks.So what happened?Well, situational ethics is what happened. Let me explain.Commissioners David Madore and Tom Mielke wanted oh-so-badly to prove that residents wanted some pie-in-the-sky, toll-free bridge out in east county someplace.So they decided to put some east county bridge ideas up for an advisory vote.Apparently they also had room on the ballot for a fireworks advisory vote, something then-county Commissioner Steve Stuart wanted.So the vote happens, and the M&M boys liked what they saw on the bridge stuff. Madore was all like, “The people have spoken, praise the people, let’s get started, praise the people, on that east county bridge ’cause, praise the people, I do what the people tell me to do! Praise the people!”OK, well, I’m pretty sure that’s what Madore was thinking. Here’s what he really said at the State of the County several months ago:“The proposal directed Clark County commissioners to provide leadership and champion the new proposed bridge.”Hmmm. “Provide leadership?” “Champion” what the voters said?So where’s the leadership on the fireworks vote? Who is championing the people’s voice on fireworks?It sure ain’t the M&M boys.If we were on the playground (and sometimes it feels like we’re on the playground when we’re dealing with Cheech and Chong), this would be called “two-faced.”In the grown-up world, it’s called situational ethics.You see, it’s full steam ahead on the east county bridge because the voters said so. But it’s put the brakes on that fireworks thing … despite what the voters said.last_img read more