Geopark “Biokovo-Imotska Lakes” wants to become part of the UNESCO World Geoparks Network

first_imgWe currently have two UNESCO Geoparks in Croatia: the Papuk Nature Park and the Vis Archipelago, and we will soon find out whether the Biokovo-Imotska Lakes Geopark will become the third UNESCO Geopark in Croatia. The boundaries of the future Biopark-Imotski Lakes Geopark have already been determined, and their total area is 431 km2, and they cover the areas of the municipalities of Imotski, Proložac, Podbablje, Zmijavce, Lokvičići, Lovreć, Zagvozd and Runovići. One of the main ways to stimulate the economy and sustainable development of the future UNESCO Geopark is through geotourism, he points out. Luka Kolovrat, president of the association Geopark Imotska jezera and adds that by raising awareness and educating about the importance of geological heritage, UNESCO geoparks give the local community a sense of pride and strengthen their identification with the area in which they live. PAPUK NATURE PARK THE FIRST CROATIAN GEOPARK UNDER UNESCO PROTECTION UNESCO Geoparks are unique geographical areas of international geological significance governed by a holistic concept of protection, education and sustainable development. Find out more about the Biokovo-Imotska Lakes Geopark application initiative with the aim of joining UNESCO Global Geoparks HERE In general, when we talk about the area that will include the future Biopark Biokovo-Imotska Lakes, it is an area that in addition to attracting attention with its relief and geomorphological forms, or numerous karst phenomena, adorns a great wealth of flora and fauna including many endemic species. In addition to the most attractive protected natural monuments and phenomena of world importance, Red and Blue Lakes, there is also the spring Krčevac, which is currently the only confirmed locality of the human fish (Proteus anguinus) in the Imotski region. There is also the Zovnjača cave in the municipality of Podbablje, which was recently established as an important archaeological and biospeleological site. Photo: Association Geopark Imotska jezera The network of UNESCO World Geoparks consists of areas of geological and geomorphological heritage of international importance, while the goal of the UNESCO World Geoparks program is to protect geological, geomorphological and other values ​​of geoparks and manage the area through education and implementation of activities in accordance with sustainable development goals. and for the benefit of the local community. center_img So far, numerous systematic and complex geological surveys have been carried out, monitoring is being carried out, the public is being educated, brochures, guides, manuals, educational materials, brochures, etc. have been printed. Precisely with the aim of protection, sustainable development and tourism, the Association Geopark Imotska jezera and the Public Institution Nature Park Biokovo launched an initiative for joint application and establishment of “Geopark Biokovo-Imotska lakes“With the aim of joining UNESCO Global Geoparks. The creation of a joint Geopark website is in progress, as well as the creation and marking of geo-trails, and a joint Facebook page has been created, which is updated daily, he points out. Ivana Capin from the Association Geopark Imotska jezera and adds: “Aware of the great potential of the area in which we live with all its features, together we embarked on this challenging project with the aim of becoming part of the international network of UNESCO Geoparks. As for our joint future activities, they are holding a presentation in November this year, then making a ten-year study with a management plan, and making and marking the geo-trail of the future Biokovo-Imotska Lakes Geopark. And most importantly, in the summer of 2021, the arrival of the Commission and evaluation is expected, and after that the accession to the network of world Geoparks under UNESCO protection.”Emphasizes Capin. “Our joint initiative stemmed from the fact that the Biokovo Nature Park and Imotski Krajina form a geologically, geomorphologically and landscape-unique area of ​​the Dinaric karst, and our wish is to use the potentials of both areas for the benefit of the local community. Kolovrat points out. VISA ARCHIPELAGO BECAME THE SECOND UNESCO GEOPARK IN CROATIA RELATED NEWS: “Geoparks attract a large number of visitors with their activities and enable the launch of various production and service activities that contribute to the socio-economic development of the community. Not only geologically interesting places, but also various other ecological, archeological, historical and cultural sights contribute to geoparks, and they are supported and actively participated by local communities that know how to recognize and want to affirm their geological, historical and cultural heritage, mostly through the idea of ​​geotourism.. The creation of innovative crafts and new jobs encourages the creation of new sources of income within geotourism, strengthens the local community, and at the same time the geological resources of the area remain protected.Kolovrat points out. Other sights include the Opačac spring, the Vrljika river, Ričice lakes, Galipovac, Knezovića and Mamića lakes, Prološko blato, Lokvičićka lakes, Dva oka and numerous other localities that were created during a long geological period by tireless work of water. The ichthyofauna of the Imotski region is significant for several protected endemic species, and some of them are soft-mouthed trout (Salmothymus obtusirostris), basak (Rutilus basak), Imotski gaovica (Delminichthys adspersus), makal (Squalius microlepis), Illyrian vijun (Cobitis il) dr.last_img read more

Solochek: Spring training fun for no one

first_imgWhen pitchers and catchers begin to report this week, to many, it is a sign of good things to come.Reporting day means it is almost time for baseball season to begin. It means spring is almost here and, for those of us who are still in school, it means we can see the light at the end of the tunnel as summer break approaches.However, each year, we are always disappointed come spring training.We’re in that void between the end of the professional football season and the beginning of March Madness. This time in sports can be less exciting than actually doing homework on a Sunday, instead of watching almost eight straight hours of football.The day pitchers and catchers report could be one of the most overrated days in sports. It’s like a freshman hearing about the riots happening in Madison during Halloween only to find out you have to pay to get onto a street you walk down every day.Getting excited for pitchers and catchers reporting and spring training is like getting excited for the NFL Combine or Selection Sunday for the NCAA Tournament. You go in with such high expectations only to be let down by reporters overanalyzing a player’s performance or over-speculating how a team is going to do the following season.Spring training means watching the guys who you know are going to start get about three at bats a week until the final days before the season. It means watching guys who will disappear into the minor leagues hit triples, then never hear from them and hearing the same reports on “Baseball Tonight” again and again.This year will be no different than years past. Every year, the same storylines are repeated on a daily basis to the point of nausea. This spring, there is no doubt all eyes will be on Yankees’ spring training. With almost half a billion dollars invested in three players and Alex Rodriguez going from A-Rod to A-Roid topping headlines, we can count on hearing hourly reports from the Grapefruit League on the status of CC Sabathia, Mark Teixeira and A.J. Burnett.Of course, news of steroid scandal is also nothing new to spring training. In the past, we have been used to daily reports by Pedro Gomez covering Barry Bonds and how he deals with allegations of using performance-enhancing drugs.After Rodriguez’s admission to using steroids, there have already been daily broadcasts from the Yankees’ spring home in Tampa, Fla. Shortstop Derek Jeter has already deferred to talking to the media after practices have started, trying to avoid the daily onslaught of press and attention.But, of course, the focus won’t solely be on the Bronx Bombers. The attempt to sign Manny Ramirez by the Los Angles Dodgers has been futile due to the left fielder hold out for money and the organization not willing to pay top dollar for the 36-year-old. Things are sure to be resolved in the coming weeks, especially because both Adam Dunn and Bobby Abreu signed, which will certainly lead to more pressure being put on the Dodgers to sign Ramirez.While spring training does have its perks, namely going to cheap games and watching baseball from a lawn on a beautiful Florida or Arizona spring day, only those who can afford such pleasures can benefit from the enjoyment of spring training. For the rest of us, we are usually stuck in the cold, watching athletes who earn more than we can imagine enjoy the southern sun.With the Yankees and Ramirez sure to be the hot topics of spring training, other subjects are sure to come up. But, as we watch highlights from games in late February and early March, there will really be nothing to get excited about until opening day in the first week of April.Once the season actually starts, attention will surely switch to the NFL Draft, which is almost equally overrated as spring training.Ben Solochek is a senior majoring in history and journalism. Hate spring training, too? E-mail him at read more

FIFA Coca Cola Ranking: Ghana move up

first_imgGhana moved up one place in the latest FIFA ranking released on Thursday for the month of March.The Black Stars are now ranked 24th in the world and third on the continent just before playing two friendlies against Mali and Senegal.Ghana amassed 887 points and snapping at the heels of Asian champions Australia who remained unchanged in 23rd position.African champions Ivory Coast maintained their position as the 20th best national team in the world and second on the continent.Algeria also preserved their position as the 18th best team in the world.Tunisia improved to 25th in the world andranked fourth in Africa and 25th in the world. Cape Verde are Africa’s fifth ranked nation but 35 in the world after moving up five places.last_img