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April 25 2008 front row from left David

first_imgApril 25, 2008 [front row from left]: David Tollas – Construction Manager, baby Sasha Tollas, Nadia Begin – Ceramics Staff, Matteo Di Michele – Workshop Coordinator, Italian Project coordinator, Erin Jeffries – Public Relations, and Bernadette O’Neill – Landscaping Crew. [behind Erin Jeffries and Bernadette, from left]. Tomiaki Tamura – Cosanti Foundation Director, Mary Hoadley – Cosanti Foundation Director and Treasurer, David DeGomez – Maintenance Crew. [sitting on the steps, from left]: Mario Andres Botero Giraldo – Planning Intern, Anna Greenberg – volunteer in the Foundry and Bakery, Ron Chandler – Landscaping Coordinator, Colleen Reckow – Ceramics Staff, Starlyn Cag [red sweater, Arcosanti Scholarship], Shara Brown – Construction Volunteer. [second row from top, from left]: Gabriel Hendrix – Foundry Crew, Scott Riley – Utilities Manager, in front of Lisa Willott is Melissa Soluskie – Construction Crew and Garden Volunteer, Joelle McTigue – Ceramics Staff and Archives Volunteer, Gregg Elliott – Workshop participant, Yong Su Park – Workshop participant, Antonio De Biase – Workshop participant, Jose Masaoy – Bakery Crew and Garden Volunteer, Daniel Copperman – Workshop participant, Anuj Dayal – Construction Intern, Stefano Galimberti [yellow shirt, Visitor]. [upper row from left]: Paul Vigne – Purchasing and Recycling, Amber Klatt – Archives, Graphics Volunteer and Tour Guide, Jeffrey Michael Graphics Department, Alfonso Elia – Planning Volunteer, Lisa Willott – outgoing Agriculture Manager, Nelson DeLa Rosa – Construction Crew, Cliff Hersted – Foundry Crew and Tourist Office, Brendan Scott – Construction Crew, Maggie Lamb – new Agriculture Manager, Ivan Planes Llull – Visitor. [Not in the photo]: Sue Anaya – Archives, Virginia Bateman – Gallery Crew, Michael Bittman aka Dr. Sparks – Site Electrician, Nick Bortel – Construction Crew, Andy Chao – Foundry Crew, Thomas Crowe – Café Staff, Dean Thomas – Gallery Crew, Cabiria Dourte – Foundry Crew, Linda Fournier – Ceramics Staff and Accounting, Amarillis Fuentes – Café Staff, Shane Hayden – Workshop participant, Will Holman – Construction Crew, Jim Hornberger – Foundry Manager, Melanie Husband – Accounting, Workshop Coordination Staff and Café Staff, Carri Krueger – Guest Services and Café Staff, Peter Lindgren – Café Manager, Rebecca Manning – Cermiacs Staff, Murray Natkie – Bakery Staff, Kelly Pai – Foundry Staff, Katie Schroeder – Garden Crew, Randall Schultz – Maintenance Manager, Paolo Soleri – Chief, Darina Trendafilova – Garden and Archives Volunteer, Errin Turner – Café and Gallery Staff, Ed Werman – Ceramics Manager, Tucker Zenskie – Foundry Staff. Kids: Tristan Tollas, Zeb, Jasper and Cyrus Hornberger, Charlie Wicker. [Photo & text: sa]last_img

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